Trigger Cuts


How Child Care Budget Cuts Affect Children and Families

(Ijiwaru Jimbo: Flickr)

(Ijiwaru Jimbo: Flickr)

In the nearly one billion dollars in budget cuts Governor Jerry Brown put into place on Tuesday were $23 million to child care financing. That’s on top of a $110 million reduction in child care from 2010 to 2011. What all these cuts mean is more low income children losing access to child care, making it more difficult for their parents to continue working.

If you’re wondering what a child care story is doing on a health blog, consider this perspective, provided by the Child Care Resource Center in Los Angeles. After earlier budget cuts, CCRC surveyed its clients. Carissa, a northern Los Angeles County woman who lost her child care subsidy told CCRC she had no choice but to leave her two younger children with her teenage daughter, who quickly become overwhelmed.

“It’s very sad when you have a 15-year-old saying ‘I can’t take it anymore.’ Mentally and emotionally, it was too much for her. She had to take care of the children and then be on top of them to do their homework. The two youngest went from being in the honor roll to almost failing.”

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