State’s Walk and Bike Infrastructure Poised for Healthy Update

(Getty images)

(Getty images)

Far more Californians are choosing biking or walking to get around these days. Over the last 10 years, the number of trips Californians made on foot and by bike doubled, according to the latest California Household Travel Survey.

Every $1 million invested in bikeways, returns between $1.2 million and $3.8 million in health care savings.
Now the state has launched the Active Transportation Program (ATP). Caltrans funds, combined with other regional and federal grants will create a $360 million pot of money that will be awarded to program applicants this August.

The money will be targeted at projects like bike lanes and safer intersections for pedestrians, but also non-infrastructure programs like bike-to-work events and community engagement.

Jeanie Ward-Waller is the California advocacy organizer for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. She said this is the most money by far that has been offered to improve walk/bike routes. Continue reading