Prenatal Care


How Texting Can Help Babies

By: Kenny Goldberg

(SparkCBC: Flickr)

Actually, it's the mother who is supposed to be getting the text messages. (SparkCBC: Flickr)

Cells phones are practically ubiquitous and enable people to do everything from pay bills to play games, not to mention plain old phone calls. But a service developed last year has found a new way to use cell phones. It’s called text4baby and the goal is to help mothers-to-be have a healthy pregnancy.

One of those moms is San Diego resident Jeanne Watson. When she was six months pregnant, a nurse at the clinic told her about the text4baby program. Women who sign up for the service get three health-related text messages each week directly to their mobile phone. The service itself is free and the text messages are also free to receive. It didn’t take long before Watson was sold on it.

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