Stanford Kissing Event: Fun for the Evening, But Now Students Have Stomach Flu

Where the kissing event happens, just not during the day. (rolfkleef/Flickr)

Where the kissing event happens, just not during the day. (rolfkleef/Flickr)

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for more than 20 years, but somehow missed this tradition at Stanford: Full Moon on the Quad.

As the New York Times reported Friday it’s “an event unique in American education: an orgy of interclass kissing reluctantly but officially sanctioned by the university.”

How you respond to this might depend on your age.

My initial reaction was “ewwww!”  But a (younger) colleague asked, “Is it horrible to confess to you: I’d probably join in?!?!”

The event was held last week, on Oct. 22. With thousands of students milling around waiting, the Times described what happened next:

Finally, a male senior saunters over to a group of the youngest-looking women and asks: “Hey! You freshmen? Can I kiss you?” Continue reading

ouRXperience: College and Suicide; Hmong New Year; Norovirus in Butte County

Merced's Hmong celebrate the New Year. (Photo: Changvang Her)

Merced's Hmong celebrate their New Year. (Photo: Changvang Her)

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