Metabolic Syndrome


Sugar: A Sweetener Gone Sour?

(Uwe Hermann: Flickr)

(Uwe Hermann: Flickr)

A spoonful of sugar may have helped the medicine go down when Julie Andrews sang the song, but fast forward to the 21st century and sugar isn’t looking so sweet. Today in a provocative commentary in the journal Nature, researchers argue that sugar is so toxic to our bodies, it should be regulated in the same way alcohol and tobacco are.

The three writers, all from UC San Francisco, say that every country that has adopted the Western diet, with its hallmark of highly-processed food, has seen rising rates of obesity and the diseases that go with it, such as heart disease and diabetes. But, in a turn, they argue against blaming obesity itself. “Obesity is not the cause,” they write, “rather, it is a marker for metabolic dysfunction, which is even more prevalent.” Metabolic syndrome leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver disease and even cancer, they say. Continue reading