Gary Lauer


eHealth CEO Embraces Obamacare, Argues for Access to All Californians

(Courtesy: eHealth, Inc.)

(Courtesy eHealth, Inc.)

Gary Lauer is in an odd position.

“I’ve been running the largest source of individual health insurance in the country and not insurable myself.”

Lauer is CEO of eHealth, the Mountain View-based company which runs the online marketplace But he’s also a cancer survivor. Without the regulatory changes required under the Affordable Care Act, his pre-existing condition makes him uninsurable, at least on the individual market.

“My oldest son, who is a student in medical school, is a Type 1 diabetic, same thing,” he said. “So I’ve got a real personal interest and real passion for the Affordable Care Act to be very successful and to work.”

Lauer describes his marketplace as the “ or the Google” of health insurance. In the online marketplace multiple insurance companies offer their plans to consumers. If you’re thinking this sounds like Covered California or other Obamacare exchanges in other states, you’re right. Continue reading