Apple, Facebook Spend More on Lobbying; Twitter Joins In

| October 23, 2013
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Mark Zuckerberg spoke before the showing of a documentary, "Documented." He has been a public advocate of immigration reform. (Monica Lam/KQED)

Mark Zuckerberg spoke before the showing of a documentary, “Documented.” He has been a public advocate of immigration reform. (Monica Lam/KQED)

By Olivia Hubert-Allen

The pipeline of money flowing from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C., continued to grow during the third quarter of 2013, according to figures from the U.S. House of Representatives’ clerk’s office. Most of the nation’s leading tech companies increased their spending on lobbyists year over year.

The industry spent the bulk of their funds lobbying on issues including net neutrality, surveillance reform, immigration, “Do Not Track” legislation and patent-related matters.


  • Apple had the most notable increase in lobbying spending, at 111 percent over Q3 in 2012. Patents, electronic waste, cyber security and e-books were among the issues they focused on. (Read Apple’s filing.)
  • Google decreased spending from 2012 to 2013, though the company still spends far more than others in industry. Many of their funds went to online privacy, advertising and data issues. (Read Google’s filing.)
  • Twitter is the new kid on the block, filing their first ever lobbying disclosure report. The company spent $40,000, which is chump change compared to what others are spending, but they’ll be interesting to follow as they move closer to an IPO.  (Read Twitter’s filing.)
  • Facebook increased spending 47 percent, joining the ranks of Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle in spending more than $1 million. Mark Zuckerberg has spoken publicly about his support for immigration reform, and the company’s lobbyists have been active around the issue in D.C. (Read Facebook’s filing.)
Company % change Q3 2013 Q3 2012
Facebook 47% $1,440,000 $980,000
Google -19% $3,370,000 $4,180,000
Microsoft 20% $2,230,000 $1,860,000
Amazon 42% $780,000 $550,000
Apple 111% $970,000 $460,000
Cisco Systems 17% $890,000 $760,000
IBM 16% $1,180,000 $1,020,000
Intel 12% $980,000 $878,000
Oracle -4% $1,360,000 $1,410,000
Yahoo -14% $630,000 $730,000
Netflix 88% $300,000 $160,000
Twitter $40,000 No Filing

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