How Kids Are Learning to Code While Playing Minecraft

| August 22, 2014 | 8 Comments
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Teachers are already capitalizing on their students’ fascination with the computer game Minecraft to teach everything from math to history. Now, a new add-on teaches kids to code their own modifications to the game. In his Wired article, Klint Finley explains how the creators of the add-on called LearnToMod hope their tool could be a gateway for students to discover a love of computer programming.

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  • Ben

    U dont make universe in minecraft u make world and have minecraft for 4 years know u should believe me and how come if a 9 year old is playing a game he/she gets noticed so fast im still a kid i make minecraft ive been working on a world for to 2 year now and that was before minecraft was before that 9 year old know about minecraft so i think people in the media should take the whole minecraft community in to count and yes its very cool that little kids are learning how to code though minecraft but the game was not like that a few years back why didnt media cover the part when minecraft came out in 2009 that little kids are starting to open there creative side because of playing minecraft but very nice blog i enjoyed reading it but next time cover a bit more the just the 9 years old kids that play the game

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    • Ken Reinier Villanueva

      Have you ever heard of punctuation bro?

  • Ethan

    in Soviet Russia minecraft builds you…

  • kassie

    hi I like mine craft i am flameingred05

  • kassie