What the Future of Learning Might Look Like

| July 25, 2013 | 19 Comments
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Education and learning could look radically different in the next few years. The education foundation KnowledgeWorks has released a forecast on the future of learning, focusing on ways that technology and new teaching strategies are shaking up traditional models. Check out this snapshot of an infographic the organization created to depict a learning ecosystem that includes whole communities in education. Make sure to check out the full infographic.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.34.03 PM



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  • justin

    This is a great note Fiona, thanks :)

    We are trying to apply this model in our University which online and classroom taught. The course is called the Neuroscience of Coaching and you can see a link to it here:


    Thanks Justin justin@kennedy.co.za

  • http://www.Drawalot.com/ Shaun D. McMillan

    This would be wonderful and all, but change doesn’t take place so easily and quickly. Edison himself thought that movies would replace books within 10 years. That was nearly a century ago.

    • abby725

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  • Sra.

    Sorry, I don’t agree. After retiring this June from a 28 yr. career teaching a subject I love, I see students as becoming more and more apathetic in their learning. They have every new media invention on the market. Their attention spans have decreased enormously. They expect to be spoon fed and find no problem with plagiarizing. I also do not believe the normal overworked parent has the time to monitor their child’s every day education. The education system needs good teachers whose goal is to help children find their best ‘self’. I believe educational politicians are too ready to think another ‘program’ will ‘make it all better’.

    • BRT

      I do not know where you are located, but already this summer I have met quite innovative teachers who are working with learners in non-traditional settings. One “teacher” curriculum architect (?) described her job that includes a diverse group of learners from all over. I also met kids who no longer attend traditional classrooms as they hone their athletic skills while meeting academic requirements online. As a more traditional educator I find both of these examples to be quite unique.

    • George DeMarse


      I hear experience talking there. I don’t think so much that politicians really expect another “program” will be successful–it’s more like politicians want to show the public “real accountability” of the educational system. The basic problem is they can’t make kids any smarter, but they refuse to tell us that.

      The Sage of Wake Forest

  • fly2

    :-) home education looks just like this now.

    • Lynn Rasmussen

      We adults are all learning like this now. I don’t see anything in the circle that I’m not doing. Too bad that homeschooling is the only way to let children learn the same way.

  • Shalini Garg

    I am sure future of learning will be online like http://www.openvideotutorial.com

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  • Smith Richard

    Education in future will make a big change that’s for sure ,but i it will not make a huge difference in my sence ,I mean may be technology overtakes the education system but the studying format will be same without memorizing or learning gadgets cannot help you.He he :) you have to learn ya the diffrence will be learning from books will be vanished but still you have to learn from Ipad :) That will be the difference although great post nice upload.

  • Sasha Roiz

    The infographic is awesome. It seems like education and learning would become full digital in the future.

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  • John Barclay

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