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Timmy II

| August 23, 2016

Tisch Asia / 2014 / 9 minutes / English / Color

“I’m human now, but the wrong kind I guess.”

Growing up in someone’s shadow is never easy. But when you’re a robot growing up in someone else’s shadow? That’s even harder.

Longing for acceptance, Timmy II the robot undergoes cosmetic surgery, waking up with an Arab face on the same day as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Timmy II flees to the Middle East in search of acceptance, but instead he discovers a new set of problems. Will Timmy II ever find his home?

Directed by Imran J. Khan. Winner of Best Comedy Short at the Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival. Principal Cast: Imran J. Khan, Phil Gruber, Thomas Wood, Bumsue Chun, Cole Stamm, Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen, David Anthony Soto, and Natash Sarraf.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Imran J. Khan

Imran J. Khan

Read more about Imran J. Khan, the director of Timmy II.

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