From the Episode: Holy Hipster


| February 21, 2014

University of Michigan / 2012 / 25 minutes / English / Color

“Duvid, you’re 21 years old. Soon there won’t be anyone left for you but the widows.”

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Duvid Stern has never heard of Harry Potter. In fact, he doesn’t even go online. Raised in the Orthodox Satmar Hasidic community, his parents have laid down an ultimatum: find a wife by Purim, or they will find one for him. But outside of his microcosmic world of tradition and expectation, could there be something else?

Enter Yoli, Duvid’s best smoking buddy whose marriage is rocky at best. He invites Duvid for Shabbos with a new group of friends. So begins Duvid’s descent into the unknown. Hip DJ names are dropped. Gentiles are invited to Shabbos. The prohibited activities of melakhah are tested. It’s the sort of thing an Orthodox kid might get into in New York, right?

Directed by Chelsea Rebecca. Principal cast: Joseph Carroll, Harry Katzman, Jane Bruce and Shannon Eagen.


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Meet the Filmmaker:

Chelsea Rebecca

Chelsea Rebecca

Read more about Chelsea Rebecca, the director of Duvid.

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