From the Episode: Creature Comforts


| April 3, 2013

CalArts / 2012 / 13 minutes / English / Color


“Hello. You’ve reached Hattie and Bernie. We’re not available to come to the phone right now. Please leave your name, your number and a detailed message after you hear a beep. We will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you”

The fisherman is old and tired. Each day he toils and whisks lobsters out of the sea, banding their claws and prepping them for delivery. His nights are sleepless and his days dreary. He is missing something, or someone. In the midst of a long and grey morning, a lobster captures his attention. For reasons even the fisherman doesn’t seem to understand, he takes the lobster home. Then, the unthinkable happens when his rescued lobster physically manifests into a larger, more humanoid form. Could its newfound sweet eyes and tuft of hair remind him of someone else? A short film by Ian Samuels. Principal Cast: George Murdock.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Ian Samuels

Ian Samuels

Read more about Ian Samuels, the director of Caterwaul.

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