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Film School Shorts is a national half-hour weekly series that showcases short student films from across the country. Each week, viewers can watch well-crafted films with high production values, strong dialogue and riveting drama. Grouped together around a central theme or topic, and featuring production values that rival their indie film counterparts, KQED is proud to present award winning entertainment to a national audience. Featured are the best short films from major institutions like NYU, Columbia University, UCLA, USC and University of Texas that have wowed audiences at Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Telluride and SXSW.


Our small team screens 1000s of films each year to find unique voices from student filmmakers across the United States. From our top picks, series producer Julia Shackelford curates a handful of 20-30 films that with a goal of bringing new perspectives, heart-wrenching stories and endearing characters to audiences around the globe.

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Are you a student filmmaker interested in submitting for the next season of Film School Shorts? For information about how to submit a film to the series, please see our Guidelines for Submitting page.

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