About Do Now

Participate in this activity for students to explore current issues using social media.

Do Now is a weekly activity for students to engage and respond to current issues using social media tools like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine. KQED aims to introduce 21st Century skills and add value to learning through the integration of relevant local content and new media tools and technologies. Do Now gives students a chance to practice civic engagement and digital citizenship skills while they explore ways to connect topics in their classes to the present day.

Here’s a video that shows the impact of Do Now for students. This video was filmed at Burton High School in San Francisco:

Here’s a breakdown of how Do Now works:

  • Do Now activities are posted every Friday evening at
  • Each activity features a media resource that can be played directly on the website.
  • Directly below the media resource, there’s a question to prompt student responses, followed by background information on the topic to deepen understanding and engagement with the prompt.
  • Students should respond to the Do Now either in the comments section on the website, or they can tweet their response, or post responses on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, etc. (students will need to set up accounts on these platforms if they don’t have them already).
  • We encourage students to reply to other people’s posts to foster more of a conversation. When students post their personal opinions, ask them to support their ideas with links to interesting/credible articles online (adding a nice research component) or retweet other people’s ideas that they agree or disagree with.
  • We value student-produced media linked to their tweets. You can visit our video tutorials that showcase how to use several web-based production tools.
  • If students are setting up new user accounts to participate in the Do Now either in the comments section on the website or via social media platforms, we encourage them to personalize their profile with images and names that represent their identity and inspire interaction. We respect students’ right to privacy, and of course rely on teachers’ judgment about how much personal information students should make public. We encourage teachers to design a system to keep track of their students’ responses with a consistent naming convention or hashtag.
  • Make sure all responses include the #DoNow hashtag assigned to the topic (ie., #DoNowBike) as well as your own class hashtag if you want to track your students’ responses.

Do Now is a free activity open to anyone to participate. If you are interesting in using Do Now with your students, here is a self-paced tutorial that will get you oriented and ready to implement. Give yourself about 90 minutes to go through it.


For best practices on how to set-up your students with Twitter accounts and some troubleshooting tips, click here. For tips on how to use Instagram, Memes, Vine, and other digital tools, click here.

Do Now can help focus students at the start of a class period. Most activities are six to eight minutes in length. They can completed without teacher assistance and can be used to introduce ideas connected to the rest of the lesson.

The monthly content schedule is as follows:

Every Friday: Civics, Government & Politics
Every Tuesday: Rotation between Science and Arts/Popular Culture

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The Do Now discussion can reach beyond the classroom and connect students far and wide. If you have any questions, email Annelise Wunderlich at