Should E-Cigarettes Be Regulated?

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photo by Lindsay Fox/flickr

photo by Lindsay Fox/flickr

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Do Now

Should e-cigarettes be regulated in the same way as traditional tobacco and conventional combustion cigarettes? Why or why not?


Nowadays, most people are aware of the health dangers inherent in cigarettes, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set stringent rules on tobacco manufacture, distribution, and marketing. These include restrictions on the color and design of packaging and advertisements, prominent warning labels, and promotion restrictions. However a new player has entered the field claiming to be a harmless alternative to regular combustion cigarettes: electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs. Some manufacturers claim that e-cigs provide the same essential functions as a tobacco cigarette, but with fewer toxins. The director of science and trends at the American Cancer Society has said there is a “likelihood that e-cigs would prove considerably less harmful than traditional smokes, at least in the short term.” Yet e-cigs contain animal carcinogens, addictive components, and some were found to contain toxic chemicals used in antifreeze.

E-cigs were patented in 1963, introduced to the U.S. market in 2007, and have yet to be regulated by the FDA although they received the authority to regulate e-smokers in 2011. At this point, no governmental agency is controlling or regulating e-cigs, and the lack of research creates a difficult dilemma for those looking into this product, be they high schoolers, parents, or long-time cigarette addicts. According to some studies and first hand accounts from tobacco addicts, e-cigs allegedly provide a less-harmful alternative to traditional tobacco, and can potentially wean millions of long-term smokers (similar to a nicotine patch). Other studies claim there is no correlation, and to advertise as much is terribly misleading.

E-cigs seem to be channeling the same glamorizing advertising campaigns cigarette companies used in the mid-1900s, and their targeted marketing has attracted 1.78 million adolescents across the nation to “vape” (puff on an e-cig), potentially providing a gateway to nicotine addiction. In this new frontier of electronic cigarettes, advocates claim e-cigs are a much safer alternative to tobacco, while the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden, expounds that e-cigarette companies are engaging in disgraceful tactics meant “to get another generation of American kids addicted to nicotine.”

Should the government regulate e-cigs in the same manner as traditional tobacco products? Should we regulate now, and assume that e-cigs are harmful until data proves otherwise? Or should we wait for more studies, in the meantime potentially endangering the lives and decisions of millions of youth? What other information do you need before deciding for yourself?


Discovery News video Are E-Cigarettes Safer?
Smokers are using e-cigarettes to wean themselves off of traditional cigarettes, but are they any safer?

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  • t’ohno’pain

    Well my thought on this subject is that i do not think that they should be regulated. My reasons for this is that it says that how the FDA hasent really studied it yet so if its not on there rader. And they were made to be a healthy alternative to smoking regular smokes. yes they have some nasty stuff in them but not as much as a regular pack of cigarettes. I mean two people in my family smoke and tried the electric ones and they love them. they quit having issues breathing and doing activates from day to day. plus they also smoke less so there getting off the habit. So i think that they shouldent regulate these because nothing really bad has came up for it to need to be regulated.

    P.S sorry i didnt comment on someone elses comment. at this time i am the first comment on the page.

    • Ty Sweno

      I agree with what you are saying. They shouldn’t have to be regulated but some products should be removed for the product like the ingredient that is commonly put into anitfreeze, But if the user is paying attention to what they are taking into their body they are more likely to buy a liquid that contains mostly poly glycerol or all vegetable gylcerin which is healthy for a person to digest. The people from this company make 100% vegetable gylcerin liquid that has no unhealthy biproducts in it. I know many people that own ecigs them selves and they are not addicted to them like a common cigarette or if they are using them they once did smoke cigarettes but now they just puff on their e-cigs that are alot healthier to use than a cigarette. Im not saying that they are healthy totally but i will say that they are defiantly not killing people in the same way cigarettes are. Plus a full filled atomizer of a e-cig doesn’t even equal the same as 1 cigarette, I mean you need to bring in the fact of what level of nicotine they are using but even with the higher levels of nicotine in the juices they still don’t even close to add up to the amount a normal cigarette contains.

    • Mega redes

      i disagree with t’ohno’pain, i think that e-cigs help addiction problems, i believe it will also help people with financial problems, as they will not have to keep buying pack after pack they can just keep re-charging the e-cig. second hand smoke is not an issue because instead of Tabaco smoke like cigarettes, e-cigs give off vapor witch is way less harmful than smoke that cigarettes give off. Two e-cigarette companies, Smoking Everywhere and NJOY, sued the FDA in the district court of the District of Columbia for impounding their products, and won, the judge said “there is no basis for the FDA to treat electronic cigarettes as a drug-device.

      • Eddie Riggs

        But the main concern is it being harmful for children that are easy getting a hold of them god learn to read the articular before you dicide to post your idiotic comments you twat

    • Zach Johnson

      Ultimately what this controversy boils down to is how harmful are these E cigs. Although they do not contain tobacco that doesn’t mean that they aren’t harmful. LIke it says above some of those cig’s have the same components as anti freeze and some others have nicotine.As proven by the article below some of these E-cig have the same amount of nicotine or more as regular cigarette.


    • Kenny Moran

      In my opinion E-ciggs aren’t really that bad. I mean yeah it
      has nicotine in it but not as much as a real cigg. It is used to quit smoking. To
      kill the habit of the daily smoker. I have friend that have smoked most of
      their life, and know adults that have smoked two packs a day since they were
      13that started using the E-cigg that have stopped smoking or have at least one
      or two a week but do not like it. I have seen the results in my every day life,
      showing that E-ciggs do help humans quit smoking.

      • Bryan

        It is great that E-cigs are helping people, but they still need to be regulated. Not over regulated or banned like Los Angeles did.
        E-cigs need to be regulated, or they might end up in the wrong hands, like minors, where instead of helping someone quit they could cause someone to be addicted.

  • Forrestofthetrees420

    It is ridiculous to think that E-cigarettes are hurting anyone. There is no smoke, so no danger of hurting your lungs from smoke inhalation. There is no offensive odor, and in some cases there is no nicotine. So no really danger is actually posed against youth or anyone, except for the act of actually smoking it. The people who get butthurt from smoking in public in general. But, looking at the facts, some e-liquids that you can buy, do not have such carcinogens that were listed. Cheaper versions of E-cig liquid, have the carcinogens and toxins. So umm…..

    • Forrestofthetrees420

      Also sites for organic and non-toxic E-cig liquid.

      And sites pertaining to E-cig research:

      • cannon

        I agree but more research please

      • H3ATH3R

        Either way st the end its bad for everyone and maybe not now it will have stronger liqured

    • Andrew

      You do not know for sure that they aren’t harmful.

    • Anthony

      You are wrong about most of this and you made yourself look stupid you should do research before you comment.

  • Samantha_M

    I believe E-cigs should be regulated in certain places. For one I believe school is not a place for E-cigs. It still contains some nicotine in it. Schools are a nicotine free
    zone. People can smoke e-cigs outside of school, at a park or on the beach.
    Outside of school they should be able to do it in outdoor places. Restaurants
    and indoor places should not be allowed. Seeing E-cigs might influence people
    to think its ok to smoke anything. We need to set an example for this
    generation, outside on your own time is ok, but not public places.

    • ellielynn

      I agree with you Sam! I believe that E-cigs should be regulated in certain areas because some places just aren’t appropriate to be smoking E-cigs. There are several places to be smoking E-cigs, but certain places just aren’t. I don’t think people understand how harmful E-cigs still are, but they are definitely a better than Cigarettes. Just as Sam says we are setting very bad examples for the future generations because we all just act like we don’t care about much and we do whatever, whenever, wherever which isn’t right. I, myself don’t really prefer E-cigs and I don’t understand why people use them, but there should be places to smoke them.

      E-cigs are advertised nowadays to potentially be danger free compared to the actual cigarette. Many of us don’t realize all of what a E-cig contains, and how harmful they can be. It would be smarter to look into several different brands, and by the industrial versions versus the cheap ones from a gas station.

      • suavecito

        E-cigs are bad

    • Trey Sullivan

      I disagree with you Samantha_M. I believe that E-cigs shouldn’t be regulated. They don’t actually burn any tobacco or even contain any. Also, because they don’t actually burn any tobacco, there is no way for anyone around someone puffing an E-cig to breathe in any second hand smoke. Schools are not nicotine free zones, they are tobacco free zones. E-cigs definitely shouldn’t be regulated in public places the same way that normal cigarettes are. They don’t give off any smoke, and it would also be a good thing for businesses. Many smokers won’t eat in at places because they can’t have a cigarette. If E-cigs were allowed in public places, then it would encourage E-cig users to eat out more or go to public spaces more.

  • kyle green

    I do not believe that E-Cigs should be regulated, because it does not have the chemicals that regular cigarettes it contains mainly water and the nicotine packs. But E-ciggs are to be an assistant in quitting smoking, but i do not believe they should be regulated by FDA. there is no chemicals in the E-cigs and so there is no “offensive” odor when smoking and its only water vapor so it just mixes in the air and then the next person breathes it in no harm done. And if your 18 you should be able to smoke it in school case it does not have tobacco.

    • jfk

      i agree with you Kyle. e cigs are not as dangerous according to the american cancer society. they state that e cig have considerably less harmful effects vs. the normal pack of cigarettes. they shouldn’t be regulated. the only stipulation i believe they should have is that you have to be 18 to buy them. e cigs are a safer version to the normal pack of cigarettes. the FDA should be supporting them. they should at least do research to see what the long term affects are on the human body and if they really do affect others around you. the worst that can happen is they will end up being as bad as the cigarettes we have today. e cigs should be as regulated as a can of spray paint. you only have to be of age. if you are willing to puff them you are willing to take the consequences that come with them.

    • Josh

      I think they should be
      regulated the same as cigarettes, there are other chemicals that are in them
      other than “mainly water and the nicotine
      packs.” Including but not limited to Acetaldehyde (MS) Benzene
      (SS) Cadmium (MS) Formaldehyde (MS,SS) Isoprene (SS) Lead
      (MS) Nickel (MS) Nicotine (MS, SS) N-Nitrosonornicotine (MS,
      SS) Toluene (MS, SS) acoording
      It is a known fact that if you ingest these chemicals you would die with
      in 15 minutes, so why are we letting children inhale the vapors of these
      chemicals? E cigs are a fairly new product so the long term
      effects haven’t been fully identified but the impacts they are seeing
      from short term study are looking to promising as you can see
      here on this New York Times

    • Josh Knight

      I agree with you Kyle, because regular cigarettes have a bunch of chemicals and nicotine. Where the e-cig is just water vapor and has no harsh chemicals or anything like that. The e-cig also reduces your urge to smoke, its like smoking a regular cigarette. Cigarettes cause cancer and other sicknesses. E-cigs are so much better than cigarettes and they are also way healthier for the person and way better for the planet.

    • Ashton Walker

      I do believe that E-cigs should be regulated at least for
      the time being until the proper testing is done and proves that they are a
      healthier alternative than smoking regular cigarettes. As far as the nicotine aspect
      of it, I believe that the nicotine companies are using E-cigs to get a younger
      age of kids addicted to the product. The E-cig is the perfect way to keep up
      with the new times and a younger group of kid. The FDA should also have an input
      in the regulation of the E-cigs. In order to purchase the E-cig you still
      should have to be 18 years old, because it still could be considered a gateway
      into using regular tobacco products.

      • lexy

        i agree with you 100%

    • Tan

      I do believe that E-Cigs should be regulated, because they still need to study and testing to prove E-Cigs doesn’t have any chemical or nicotine in it. And I think if you under 18 you should not smoke it yet.

  • Mark Smith

    I strongly disagree with Mr. t’ohno’pain. I believe that e-cigs are not a good alternative to cigarettes, and should be very heavily regulated and taxed. kids I know believe that they are a totally safe and fun alternative to cigarettes, and they are not. It irritates me that the e-cig companies advertise them as though they are safe, when in actuality they are addictive, contain carcinogens, and toxic chemicals! How can people believe that an ingredient in antifreeze is harmless to them, I do not know. Perhaps they just ignore it or truly have never heard the facts about e-cigs before. All of this just to get a ‘buzz’.…/Why-e-cigarettes-should-be-banned-from-minors.html

    • Annabelle

      I agree with you that E cigs can be addictive, but if
      someone is smoking E cigs odds are they have been addicted to cigarettes
      already. Now you say that E cigs are not a safe alternative, and that is true
      in some cases, if you by cheap E cigs. But as it goes with everything you get
      what you pay for, there are organic and toxin free vapor pens, but they are
      more costly. Also E cigs and vapor pens are much more healthy for the people
      around the second hand vapor. ” Non-cancer risk analysis revealed “No
      Significant Risk” of harm to human health for vapor samples from e-liquids
      (A-D). In contrast, for tobacco smoke most findings markedly exceeded risk
      limits indicating a condition of “Significant Risk” of harm to human
      health.” ( )

      The fact that people are saying that the government should
      limit us on our purchase of these products really angers me.”If the Obama
      administration were serious about protecting the public on public health, they
      would immediately move to clamp down on the way e-cigarettes are being
      advertised and apply the same rules that apply to cigarette advertising,”
      Glantz says. (

      Why is it okay for the government to limit our choices? Sure stop selling the un healthy cheap E cigs, but don’t punish the people who are trying to quit smoking normal cigarettes by taking away the healthier option.

    • Joe LeBlanc

      Mark, what I think you’re saying is that you’d rather somebody smoke something with over 4,000 chemicals in it than water vapor that has just a handful of chemicals. I’m not saying that I condone the smoking of E-cigs for everyone who wants to try smoking, but if somebody has been smoking for years and can’t function without that nicotine buzz and I have to be around them, I would much rather have them smoking an E-cig than a regular tobacco cigarette. The reason that so many people are upset about the E-cig is that The FDA found a carcinogen in a tiny hand picked sample of refill cartridges. I support E-cigarettes for those who would like to try to quit smoking, or cause less harm to those around them while they’re smoking, not for those who want to just start smoking. I wouldn’t advise trying to smoke for anyone, but if somebody has to smoke around me for mine and their safety I’d much rather it be an electric cigarette.

    • cannon

      i 100% agree with you buddy we the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brenton Jakeway

    I don’t understand why people are worried about the health
    effects on the user. If you are using the E cig than that is your own choice
    and not anyone else’s. E cigs are a safer alternative for cigarettes and in
    studies “A majority of the participants said the e-cigarette helped them fight
    cravings, cope with withdrawal symptoms, and avoid relapsing on cigarettes.” (

    I understand that “some brands contain carcinogens and other toxic chemicals” (
    but that is only some brands. There are brands that are organic and non toxic.
    People smoking those e cigs trying to quit smoking the real thing shouldn’t be
    punished by high taxes and a ton of regulations.

  • ana

    I think E-Cigarettes should be regulated, because even though they are not allowed kids will still buy them. We don’t really know about the health risks of the e-cigarettes.

    • Tonatiuh

      I agree with you kids can get them if they want so we need regulations for them.

      • suavecito


  • Where Can We Go?

    No, not for adults. I’m weaning away from cigarettes and the e-cig, or vape is very helpful, harms no one else….but is of value to me

    • Kat VanHuis

      i agree. for adults it would be very helpful for anyone who wants to easily stear away from ciggeretts. they are a safer way for not only you but the people around you to smoke. some people dont understand the help thay have. all though E-cigs are addictive its a “better buzz”. makes you fell good with out harming your lungs. my boss is addictited to cigerettes and now has one lung and 6 weeks to live.. sad but true. E-cigsshould be regulated to adult purposs only!

  • hey

    I think E-Cigarettes should be regulated, because they can be addictive but they are better then real cigarettes. because they are not bad for your lungs.

  • Valeria

    I think the e cigarettes should not be regulated because if they regulate them younger people are going to get even more addicted because they will want to try a real cigarette.

    • Jake

      They should be regulated so that there are age restrictions!!!!!!

  • Danny Escobar

    I agree with you that E cigarettes can be addictive, but if
    someone is smoking E cigarettes odds are they have been addicted to cigarettes
    already. They should be regulated like a normal cigarette.

    • Renee

      I agree with you totally

  • Nathan Cao

    While E-cigs potentially could be better than commercial cigarettes to regulate, we should wait for more study before releasing and regulating them. We don’t know if there will be harms or other side effects that result from E-cigs. Because of this, I say we should not yet regulate them, but look to in the future, when they are tested and studied.

    • Tristan

      Exactly, while this product is so new to the market no real long term studies can be done to find out how it truly effects your body in relation to actual cigarettes.

  • RobinHood82

    Like regular cigarettes, E-cigarettes should be regulated too because they are not healthy or safe, and we don’t want more youth to become addicted.

    • nancy

      I so agree with you , we don’t have enough research to make sure it’s healthier, nor do we want more people addicted to something new that might be worse than actual cigarettes .

  • Alberto Garcia

    I believe e cigs should be regulated because they can be addictive and can contain toxic chemicals.

  • FresnoRaisin97

    Let’s break this down, shall we? To offer my personal opinion on the matter, I would like to ask the question: really? Have we reached the point at which we want to keep smoking so badly that we are willing to pretend it’s healthy and muscle our way through the FDA? The advertising restrictions mentioned in the first paragraph are in place for a reason. That reason is that America doesn’t want to see people smoking anymore. It’s just kind of embarrassing and foul to look at. All personal ranting aside, I do understand that it is not easy to break an addiction, especially to cigarettes. However, I think that the E-Cigarette is sending a message of giving in to the pleasures of smoking. From what I read, the electronic cigarette also has an addictive nature, which leads me to ask the question: Is this really the best thing for us? I agree with Dr. Tom Frieden. They seem to just be pushing smoking upon another generation. Instead of kids learning that smoking is bad, they will be learning the electronic cigarettes are, “ok” for you and then the whole smoking cycle starts all over again.
    second paragraph has to get its facts straight. Evidence seems too inconclusive to say that e-cigarettes are not harmful. I find that a little sketchy and would be surprised if nobody else did. So to answer the big question: No, the government should absolutely not regulate e-cigarettes. America needs to cut the crap, accept that smoking looks and is pathetic, and move on.

  • Manuel Lopez

    After reading the article and watching the video, I have came to the conclusion that e-cigs should be regulated. There is no long-term studies to back any benefits, therefore they should be regulated until proven safe. It’s better to be safe, than assume and end up dealing with the consequences. E-cigs still contain a drug and should be regulated just like any other tobacco or alcoholic product.

    • Elyssa Bolinger

      I agree with you because i believe that if you are going to quit smoking you shouldn’t be able to rely on something else. alot of kids in my school have started using them. they also discovered a hookah pen…i seriously doubt that a hookah pen is safer than actual hookah so what make people think that e-cigs are? an e-cig is made to seem healthier than smoking. but has anyone really done the research to find that out? no, they believe everything they hear. lets be realistic here. who would want to inhale fake smoke and pretend its the real thing? why not just quit smoking or go back to the real stuff? i found a link that talks a little more about e-cigs…maybe it will answer some of our questions.

    • Dean

      @manuel i agree with you, the fact that their is no real factual proof, that they are more healthy than regular cigs… for now the age limit should be bumped up to the regular limit of 18 for real cigs

    • Joe

      I agree with you Manuel e-cigs should be regulated until they are proven safe research with benefits that are better than regular cigs.

  • Malcolm

    After reading the article and watching the video, I have came to the conclusion that the e-cigs should be regulated throughout the public. There are no long term studies to back up any benefits to the human body. The e-cigs are just as bad as a regular cigar ,in my opinion.

  • Jake

    Bro the ecig definately needs to be regulated because you got little kids out there in like the 6th grade smoke up there lungs that’s rediculous.

  • Esperanza Ponce

    the E-Cigs should be regulated. E-cigs are either ways bad for any age!!

  • Conner

    I personally thing that the e-cigs should be put through more tests to configure what is in them and if they are harmful to humans before we start regulating them. Those tests should be done by some third-party companies not the government for the reason being the government lies to us about anything stopping them from making a quick buck.

  • Renee

    I believe that we should do way more research on this because we do not know what is in these E-cigs and it could do worse to our bodies than the real cigarrete, and there should be an age limit on this.

  • Dean

    I believe E-cigs should be more regulated, because the idea of young middle school kids using these without, understanding what is in them is frightening… if you think about a 12 year old having the ability to go into a store and get an e-cig with no problem and having the ability to use it for other things besides the nicotine liquid… its rather hard to picture.

  • cannon

    I believe that e cigarettes need to have much more research and if this proves to be more harmful then it needs to be restricted to an older crowd. I myself use them and enjoy but due to the fact that i do not know what are in them it makes me want to stray away.

  • Jonathan

    After reading this article, i think their should be more regulation on the E-cig.


    i believe they should be regulated because i cant imagine my little cousins or little sister using an e-cig at such a young age

  • Tonatiuh

    I think we should regulate E-cigs. The fact that kids can get them so easily is breath taking due to the fact that they don’t know what they are in taking.

  • suavecito

    I believe that E-cigs should be regulated due to the fact that an even bigger number of young children are getting a hold of them

  • clara

    E-cigs should be regulated because their’s kids that are in middle school that are using this.We don’t know what they have in it. It might have some chemical that we don’t know that might harm us.

  • Anthony

    I believe that e-cigarettes should be banned until more research is done to observe the negative effects that these may cause if not this then they should at least be putting an age limmit on them because kids should not be becoming addicted to nicotine and not realizing the consequences they may have to deal with in the future

  • Diego

    I disagree with this because the thought of middle school kids smoking is terrifying.Also i would not want my children around that when they are in middle school!

  • cheeseburger eddy

    after reading this article i can say that e sig’s sued have way more studding on them then what they have on it now.

  • Andrew

    I believe e-cigs should be regulated because now young people like middle schoolers are now getting a hold of them and thinking it is “cool” for them to smoke at school. They believe that the e-cigs pose no harm when in reality we do not know enough to prove this. With more research, I believe we will find out that they are harmful and for adolescents to be smoking these at such a young age is ridiculous. E-cigs need to be regulated.

  • Joe

    I strongly agree with the solution of regulating e-cigs because e-cigs are seeping into high schools and deeper into middle schools and its not cool. I also will agree with more research should be found with the effects of e-cigs.

    • suavecito


  • Martha

    I believe that E-cigarettes should be researched more so we could know what the chemicals are in the E-cigarettes.

  • lexy

    i believe E-cigs should be more researched more.

  • Tristan

    After reading this article and watching the video. It is my understanding that E-cigs can and do present today’s youth with an easy to obtain unregulated gateway vehicle to cigarettes. Thus creating a national problem for the future health of a generation.

  • nancy

    I strongly believe that E-cigs should be regulated because we actually don’t know for a fact about it being safer than actual cigarettes .

  • H3ATH3R

    E-Cigs should be regulated because now an days its even easy for 3 year old babies to use them and just in general its all bad.