Quick Link: “Peter Gleick Cleared of Forging Documents in Heartland Expose”

Pacific Institute founder has always denied forging any Heartland documents, though he admits using deception to get them.

A review has cleared the scientist Peter Gleick of forging any documents in his expose of the rightwing Heartland Institute’s strategy and finances, the Guardian has learned. Gleick’s sting on Heartland brought unwelcome scrutiny to the organisation’s efforts to block action on climate change, and prompted a walk-out of corporate donors that has created uncertainty about its financial future.

Read more at: www.guardian.co.uk

  • Russ Steele

    Paging Suzanne Goldenberg and Guardian editors: ‘It seems she jumped the gun again, just like she did in the original Fakegate release without bothering to verify facts and documents first’
    Pacific Institue said the investigation is not complete yet? 

    Can we have a triple palm face, one for Suzannne, one for  the Guardian Editors and once for Climate Watch for jumping the shark and publishing some climate change propaganda.