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Zaré at Fly Trap: Reviews

Brad: ” The pistachio meatballs are the signature appetizer on the menu.”
Kristine: “More impressive was the short ribs with lentils that my boyfriend had. I was wishing I had ordered that.”
Mac: “I’m not a huge baklava eater, but I liked Zare’s version quite a bit; an aficionado would go nuts for it, I bet.”

Angkor Borei: Reviews

Angkor Borei: Reviews

Karen: “Angkor Borei has been a hidden gem in the Mission for 26 years.”
Joel: “OMG so good, like a dance at the table, flavors sung to us- dish after dish, with the pumpkin curry being the highlight.”
Pepi: ” The best dish was the Ahmohk, a delicately flavored fish mousse, with bite-sized pieces of fish that retained a firm texture.”

Indigo Restaurant: Reviews

Pepi: “The plump flavorful mussels in a wine broth flavored with spring onions are the best I’ve ever had.”
Although the appetizers were good and well-priced, the main courses definitely didn’t have the gustatory sophistication and depth of flavor to follow.”
Joel: “My grilled salmon with ginger soy glaze was delicious and perfectly cooked.”

Farallon: Reviews

Joel: “Perfectly paced service, wait staff well-versed on the dishes and their origin.”
Pepi: “The food was excellent, using very fresh ingredients allowed to retain their individual flavors.”
Karen: “Appetizers were disappointing, main courses were decent, the dessert was exceptional!”

Park Tavern: Reviews

Thuy: “Raw: New York strip steak crudo. Some of the most tender beef I’ve ever had. Practically melts in the mouth. A winner!”
Andrea: ” I thought the service, drinks, and food was all terrific.”
Raj: “A few things to be aware of: after parking, cocktails (nice classic martini), starters, entrees, etc, be prepared to spend some money.”

Bella Trattoria: Reviews

Stephen: “Bella’s gnocchi is the lightest in the city.”
Ruth: “The straightforward menu makes this a good choice for bringing together a group for a fun night out.”
Sharmila: “The gnocchi was some of the best I’ve had, excellent light and fluffy, words which should be, but rarely are associated with gnocchi.”

Outerlands: Reviews

Ruth: “The Carrot Ginger Cake with Crème Fraîche and Limes was a revelation.”
Stephen: ” Be sure to order the homemade Levain toast and butter for nibblers over wine.”
Sharmila: “My one issue with this restaurant was the layout. SF restaurants are notoriously cramped, but this one was just really problematic.”

Greens Restaurant: Reviews

Sharmila: “The warm cauliflower salad was a revelation.”
Ruth: “The unusual combination of cheese, asparagus, and Meyer lemon were a delicious topping for the pizza.”
Stephen: “It was as tasty as any meat casserole I’ve ever had… I now believe that there is life after meat.”

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