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Risibisi Italian Restaurant: Reviews

Matthew: “For my main course, I ordered the wild boar and gnocchi. This is a hearty dish that any man would love.”
Nino: “My gnocchi had the same consistency as my friend’s, but I thought the sauce tasted a lot like SpaghettiOs, and my friends agreed.”
Alexia: “Overall, while I enjoyed the pesto, the gnocchi fell flat. Also, the dish needed something to bring it up a notch flavor-wise. A Bam! factor.”

The Elite Cafe: Reviews

Alexia: “One of my favorite characteristics of Elite Café is the way they add their own unique spin on Southern comfort food.”
Matthew: “The mussels on the other hand, at $11.00, were an exceptional value.”
Nino: “We were joking that it’s probably too pricey for a first date place, it’s more fitting for a second anniversary.”

Nettie’s Crab Shack: Reviews [CLOSED]

Bob: “The portion is such that half of the po’boy is boxed for dinner.”
Jacob: ” The crab roll itself was fantastic, with generous portions of crab that came in a soft roll, toasted to perfection.”
Lori: “I had the blackened halibut BLT and have to say that I had no idea what a remarkable treat I was in store for.”

Walzwerk: Reviews

Lori: “At the time, I was a strict vegetarian and a bit worried about what I’d be able to order in an ‘East German’ restaurant, but fortunately Walzwerk has amazing options for vegetarians as well as meat and potato fans.”
Bob: “If I were to try German food again, I would opt for the sister restaurant, Schmidt’s on Mission.”
Jacob: “The food arrived within ten minutes of our order, which is always a cool thing.”

Dragon Rouge: Reviews

Jacob: “In addition to the fish, we had the always delicious Bouncing Beef.”
Bob: “The service was excellent and this was a very good introduction to Vietnamese food. It was an amazing value for the quality and quantity.”
Lori: “The sweet, crispiness of the banana somosas paired very well with vanilla ice cream.”

Lovejoy’s Tea Room: Reviews

Dot: “Of course, my favorite part of the meal is their scones smeared with double Devon cream.”
Ray: “I received a quick lesson in how to “take tea,” and it allowed me to enjoy the process.”
Suzanne: ” While the scones were delicious, the rest of the food was sub par at best and the atmosphere was not very relaxing or enjoyable.”

Don Pico’s Mexican Bistro: Reviews

Ray: “This is truly a family run restaurant with 80% of the staff being related, and they all take satisfaction in providing an excellent finished product.”
Dot: “The best part of the meal was definitely my selection of Don Pico’s Specialties’ Tacos de Pescado (two bacon-crusted fish tacos with salsa fresca) and rice and beans.”
Suzanne: ” I love spicy food, but the free salsa, while fresh, was extremely hot.”

Saha: Reviews

Suzanne: “The high-quality authentic Arabic fusion cuisine with fantastic vegetarian and vegan options will keep us coming back.”
Dot: “We were a party of eight, and they had no problem accommodating a seven o’clock reservation on a weekday.”
Ray: “There are lots of wonderful taste levels, but it is not for young kids or those that have an unrefined palate.”

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