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Caffe La Scala: Reviews

Nicolette: “My favorite is the unbelievably delicious mushroom soup.”
Eric: “it did not stand out in anyway with the exception of the gelato.”
Roger: “It was surprisingly good for café fare. I had the chicken panini, which was very tasty.”

Phnom Penh House: Reviews

Becky: “The incredible charbroiled chicken also comes with a side of my favorite pickled vegetables in the world.”
Garrett: “The charbroiled beef skewers were garlicky and richly beefy, with a dark, caramel sweetness that beautifully complemented the smoky grilled flavor.”
Salvatore: “The food is incredible. Everything smells, looks and tastes fresh, and is perfectly seasoned to add flavor rather than overwhelm.”

Sorella di Zza’s: Reviews

Bill: “All the dishes came in huge portions and were very delicious!”
Peter: “The presentation of all the dishes was extremely plain.”
Amanda: “The (pizza) crust was thin and crunchy, delightfully firm all the way through the center of the pie.”

Rivoli Restaurant: Reviews

Larry the O: “The gnocchi had a creamy, polenta-like texture that just melted in my mouth, while the chestnuts had a soft chewiness to them.”
Sarah: “Overall, Rivoli is a fine restaurant perhaps for an anniversary, birthday or for a Tuesday night retirement celebration.”
Gabe: “But the Portobello mushroom fritters are Rivoli’s claim to fame, and deservedly so—chewy, rich and crunchy with light, greaseless seasoned breadcrumbs.”

Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub: Reviews

Chuck: “Along with the calzone, the salad at Lanesplitter is a must.”
Lina: “I recommend sticking to the extensive selection of pizzas.”
Chandra: “The service was good and the calzones are exceptional and, in my opinion, better than their pizza.”

Bay Wolf: Reviews

Michael: “Bay Wolf satisfies on so many levels – fresh ingredients, simple yet elegant preparations, and prices remain very reasonable for the quality.”
Susanna: “I wanted to love Bay Wolf, but it fell a bit flat for me.”
Ted: ” I thought the appetizers and dessert were a bit more exciting then the entrees, which tended to feel more like comfort food.”

Bellanico Restaurant & Wine Bar: Reviews

Bellanico Restaurant & Wine Bar: Reviews

Linda: “If I knew I could eat one of these two pasta dishes everyday, I’d swear off meat and commit to vegetarianism.”
Jeremy: “The wine list was extensive, easy to navigate, and featured sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines primarily from California and Italy.”
Corinne: “While I felt we were incredibly patient and forgiving, the clumsy service did overshadow the good food and lively ambiance.”

Café Aquarius: Reviews [CLOSED]

Carol: “Some of my favorite breakfasts include the lemon ricotta pancakes. They are so delicious, they actually taste good for you.”
Mike: “I can’t say the food was spectacular outside of the soup I had to start, but I can’t say it was bad either.”
Jeff: “The chicken-apple sausage that they used was delicious, and I was a big fan of the home fries. The Mexican-style breakfast tacos were really outstanding.”

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