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Marnee Thai Restaurant: Recipe

Recipe Name: Pad Thai (kuay tiaw pad thai)
Recipe Chef: Chai Siriyarn
Type of Cuisine: Thai
Food Category: Main Course

Recipe Description:
Pad Thai is one of the most popular noodle dishes enjoyed throughout Thailand and all over the world. I won two competitions — one in Los Angeles and the other in Thailand…

Flea Street Cafe: Recipe

Recipe Name: Short Ribs with Baby Turnips
Recipe Chef: Jesse Cool
Type of Cuisine: Californian
Food Category: Main Course

Farina Focaccia & Cucina Italiana: Recipe

Recipe Name: Pesto
Recipe Chef: Paolo Laboa
Type of Cuisine: Italian
Food Category: First Course
Recipe Description:
Genovese basil pesto

Roy's Restaurant: Recipe

Recipe Name: Crab-Crusted Mahi Mahi with Okinawa Sweet Potatoes and Garlic Nam Pla
Recipe Chef: Ty Mahler
Type of Cuisine: Hawaiian Fusion
Food Category: Main Course
Recipe Description:
Hawaiian mahi mahi

Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant & Pub: Recipe

Recipe Name: Belgian-Style Roasted Mussels
Recipe Chef: Bodo A. Eichler
Type of Cuisine:American-European
Food Category: Appetizer
Recipe Description:
Roasted mussels in a beer and Pernod broth served with fries and a mayonnaise dip.

Basque Cultural Center: Recipe

Recipe Name: Sauce Basquaise
Recipe Chef: Michel Veron
Type of Cuisine: French-Basque
Food Category: Garnish
Recipe Description:
This delightfully simple sauce from the Basque region may be used for a multitude of different dishes. It is normally served with roasted or grilled poultry, meat, or fish. Popular dishes are Poulet Basquaise, Salmon Basquaise, and Omelet Basquaise.

Alexander's Steakhouse: Recipe

Recipe Name: Tuna Tartare, Chilled Clams, Golden Beet Salad, and Seawater Foam
Recipe Chef: Jeffrey Stout
Type of Cuisine: Steakhouse, American, Fusion
Food Category: Appetizer
Recipe Description:
Fresh raw tuna served with clams and a golden beet salad with salty foam evoking the breath of the sea.

Vung Tau Restaurant: Recipe

Recipe Chef: Nuan Hyhnh
Type of Cuisine: Traditional Vietnamese
Food Category: Dessert
Recipe Description:
A traditional Vietnamese dessert.

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