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RNC Day 4: I Accept Your Nomination

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ST. PAUL — And now, the day they’ve been waiting for. Last night’s big speech from the new VP candidate was big, but this is the night the Republican National Convention is all about: Sen. John McCain’s acceptance of the … Continue reading »

RNC Day 3: What Will She Say?

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ST. PAUL — Tonight, she’ll finally speak for herself. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been virtually hidden during the first two days of the Republican National Convention. Unlike Sen. Joe Biden, the Democratic veep nominee who was often seen laughing … Continue reading »

RNC Day 2: Onward

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ST. PAUL — And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. The Republican National Convention is back with a full schedule as muggy, wet weather sinks in on the Twin Cities. California delegates have a full day planned. In fact, … Continue reading »

RNC Day 1: The National Sideshow

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ST. PAUL — The first day of this 2008 Republican National Convention will likely be remembered for what didn’t happen. With a whole day of whooping and hollering and celebrating all planned and ready to go, convention organizers have pulled … Continue reading »