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Budget Status Fluid... or Solidifying?

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In these days leading up to Governor Jerry Brown’s big deadline for budget action, most of us who spend our time sniffing around the statehouse for something interesting are finding the task pretty tough. Yes, that means journalists are now … Continue reading »

Brown's Redevelopment Firestorm

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Lost in the back-and-forth over Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to shut down hundreds of local redevelopment agencies and funnel their property tax dollars elsewhere are a couple of pretty important questions: will the plan actually work? And is it driven … Continue reading »

So Very Much Budget Work To Do. And Soon.

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It’s often said that nothing focuses the mind so much as a deadline. And yet, there are always deadlines around Sacramento that are… well, flexible. But this year, everyone seems to believe the deadline on Governor Jerry Brown’s budget plan … Continue reading »

Brown Dishes Jokes, Truth, to Locals

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Governor Jerry Brown knew what he was in for as he took the stage in front of a crowd of officials from California cities, angry over his plan to abolish redevelopment agencies. “Has everybody eaten already?” asked Brown. “Because you … Continue reading »

"We're Finally Facing the Music"

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The only thing a governor of California really has to spend these days is political capital. And on that front, Governor Jerry Brown seems to be going all in from the get-go. Brown’s new state budget, an 18-month proposal of … Continue reading »