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The Politics of Reform

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Reform (ri form’), noun. 1. The improvement of what is wrong, corrupt, or unsatisfactory. [Webster’s Dictionary] 2. A proposal whose merit depends on your political persuasion [Dictionary of Common Sense, never published… but in demand] If the debate over California’s … Continue reading »

Money For Nothing

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It was a busy second day of the new fiscal year at the printing facility tucked inside a quiet business park in a shaded east Sacramento neighborhood. But unlike most days, they weren’t printing thousands of checks paid by the … Continue reading »

Don't Touch That Dial

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You’re not really surprised that things turned out this way today, are you? Of course, that’s not to say that some parts of today’s budget news weren’t unexpected. And few would venture a guess as to what happens next… though … Continue reading »

And Now, The Debate

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In the theater or the movies, we’d call this the beginning of Act Two. In baseball, it’s probably the sixth inning. We now have two relatively complete looks at how to resolve the gaping hole in the state budget — … Continue reading »

Did Dems Promise No More Tax Hikes?

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My interview yesterday with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger included a new assertion from the chief executive: that his willingness to break his anti-tax stance earlier this year was a one-time deal to which Democratic legislative leaders agreed.

Arnold's Message: Yes, We Can

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Arnold Schwarzenegger the optimist was back on display this morning in his brief, and serious, speech to a joint session of the Legislature. But the governor, who’s fond of saying that “he alone cannot lift” the fiscal weights of California, … Continue reading »

Prison Health Care Almost Half Billion Over Budget

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Adding more angst to easily the worst budget situation in California history, officials confirm that the federal court appointed prison receivership has spent almost $500 million more than budgeted in the fiscal year that ends on June 30. The cost … Continue reading »

Speaker Nixes Pay Raises

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Proving once again that in politics, perception often trumps all else, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass has canceled pay raises for staffers in the lower house.

Stimulus Money: Watching the Watchers

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California’s portion of the federal stimulus money seems to be flowing a little faster every day. And with it comes folks watching how it will be spent. A lot of folks. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I … Continue reading »

Dems Go Around GOP. Et Tu, Arnold?

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And just when you thought the budget saga couldn’t get any more bizarre. If this were the Olympics and even if you hated it, you’d have to score some style points on the acrobatic budget maneuver unveiled this afternoon. Democrats, … Continue reading »