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Budget Status Fluid... or Solidifying?

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In these days leading up to Governor Jerry Brown’s big deadline for budget action, most of us who spend our time sniffing around the statehouse for something interesting are finding the task pretty tough. Yes, that means journalists are now … Continue reading »

Red Team's Election Blues

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Like the fans of a baseball team whose only hope of avoiding a shutout is the final batter, California Republicans are nervously watching the fate of Steve Cooley as they ponder what went so terribly wrong for the GOP brand … Continue reading »

GOP Dispatches: Day 1

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[With me close to home these days expecting some family news, my KQED colleague Scott Shafer is covering this weekend’s biannual California Republican Party convention. He’s also filing a few short journal entries for CapNotes. Listen for his GOP confab … Continue reading »

Lawsuit Yes... Budget, No?

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 41 — Only during a state budget impasse could one say, with a straight face, that while it’s been a hectic day… not that much has actually happened. The one solid thing that has happened is Governor … Continue reading »