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Autumntime, and the Counting Goes Slowly

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Eight days after Californians went to the polls in record numbers, there are still an awful lot of ballots left to count, and a few races that could theoretically flip in who we now think has come out on top. … Continue reading »

The Governor's Prop 8 Problem

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The one thing that seems clear in the wake of last week’s approval of Proposition 8 is that the emotional issue isn’t going away anytime soon. And to understand the murkiness of what should, or shouldn’t, happen… look no further … Continue reading »

Le Deluge?

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With millions of voters across California now weighing in on the issues both national and local, and scores of journalists en route to election night locales (present company included), it seems fitting to lay out some of the things worth … Continue reading »

Arnold on Obama: Too Few Muscles, Too Much Money?

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It was vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger today in Columbus Ohio, as the guv stumped for GOP presidential nominee John McCain. Two parts of his intro of McCain are worth noting, the first for its mocking humor. “The next Arnold Classic [held … Continue reading »

Speaking of Campaign Cash...

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A quick look at some of the big bucks on the statewide ballot measure front… based on amounts in play. The combined campaign cash raised this year for these five measures alone: $155.2 million. Proposition 8: The battle to ban … Continue reading »

9 Capitol Jobs = $37 Million and Counting

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An examination of the latest campaign finance data shows a handful of contested legislative races are racking up some big bucks, through both candidate controlled committees and those operating independently of the campaigns. These nine races — seven in the … Continue reading »

Understanding the Goals of Redistricting

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The Hapsburg Dynasty… Michael Phelps… and California legislators? If you’re confused, then you haven’t been paying attention to Governor Schwarzenegger, the pitch man for Proposition 11 — this fall’s attempt to change the once-a-decade process of redistricting. This is Schwarzenegger’s … Continue reading »

Your Schwarzenegger Voting Guide

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Governor Schwarzenegger has finally weighed in on the 12 measures appearing on next week’s statewide balance, and what might be most interesting are the ones on which he’s decided to not take a position. The list, courtesy of his political … Continue reading »

Mortgages, Entrepreneurs, & Idiots

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The leadoff event at today’s Women’s Conference hosted by California’s first lady, featuring Governor Schwarzenegger and investor Warren Buffett, was an amusing chat sprinkled with only the slightest dusting of news. The governor and Buffett, longtime friends forever linked in … Continue reading »

Arnold: Ohio Redux?

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It appears that Governor Schwarzenegger is heading back to Ohio, ground zero for presidential elections. At a campaign event this morning in San Diego in support of Proposition 11, Schwarzenegger said that a trip to the Buckeye State is on … Continue reading »