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Locals Can Tax Themselves, Says Democratic Plan

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More government services in the Bay Area? Fewer in the Inland Empire? You’d be forgiven if you think that’s a rehash of last week’s debate over budget cuts targeted at GOP communities. But it could also be the shape of … Continue reading »

Senator Flips Vote, Union Contracts OK'd

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Today’s lengthy debate in the state Senate, both in public and in private, serves as a reminder of the complicated intersection of policy and politics, as a late vote switch by a Republican senator kept six new state worker contracts … Continue reading »

You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine

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Newcomers to California barely get their bags unpacked when someone, somewhere, starts griping about how the state is so big or its citizens so disagreeable that we ought to just crack it up into smaller pieces and go our own … Continue reading »

No Mas, Says Brown

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Jerry Brown has been in politics for a long time, so you have to assume he’s not surprised by what happened Tuesday afternoon. Disappointed maybe, but not surprised. 78 days after sending legislators his plan to erase the latest in … Continue reading »

Budget Battle: That Was the Easy Stuff

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When the dust finally settled Thursday afternoon, the two houses of the California Legislature had ratified spending cuts and budget transfers valued at $14 billion. It also marked the end of what might be called Act II of a three … Continue reading »

Brown's "Tangibilitizing" of Budget Woes

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It’s almost becoming something you can mark on your calendar: the new governor rolls out a symbolic cut of what would be seen as frivolous state spending and then invites reporters to cop a squat on the picnic table-like benches … Continue reading »

"We're Finally Facing the Music"

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The only thing a governor of California really has to spend these days is political capital. And on that front, Governor Jerry Brown seems to be going all in from the get-go. Brown’s new state budget, an 18-month proposal of … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger Polishes, Jabs on Budget Legacy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger summoned Capitol reporters this afternoon to discuss a $9.87 billion budget fix he’s asking legislators to approve. But what was much more interesting was Schwarzenegger’s defense– at times, somewhat angry — of his legacy on California’s fiscal woes.

Budget +93: At Last, A Deal

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And now, perhaps the beginning of the end of a saga we’re all tired of living through: legislative leaders and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have finally resolved their differences over a new spending plan for the state. The agreement announced tonight … Continue reading »

Notebook: Budget Blues, Campaign Trash Talk

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As the week comes to a close, two of the state’s dominant political stories — the ongoing budget saga and the race for governor — both seemed to lurch into a new gear. One low, the other high. One more … Continue reading »