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Jerry Pledges, Meg Explains, Arnold Loves It

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She had them, she lost them. He answered a big question weakly, but quickly jumped on the bandwagon of positivity. And the guy who seemed to be loving every minute of it: the departing incumbent. Consider that to be the … Continue reading »

Vetoes Mark End to (Another) Ugly Budget

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has wielded the power of his office, and his line item veto, over California’s budget for the last time, a dysfunctional and deficit-plagued process that shaped not only his rise to the state’s highest office but one … Continue reading »

Court Says Furloughs, Budget Cuts OK

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Two nasty legal fights over Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2008 and 2009 budget actions are now history, with the governor winning both battles today in the California Supreme Court. But on the furloughs, future governors should be careful not to read … Continue reading »

Budget +93: At Last, A Deal

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And now, perhaps the beginning of the end of a saga we’re all tired of living through: legislative leaders and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have finally resolved their differences over a new spending plan for the state. The agreement announced tonight … Continue reading »

Bell: The Political Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Public corruption scandals are, first and foremost, tragic sagas for the citizens who feel they’ve been hoodwinked. They also often leave a residual stain on thousands of good public servants who do their jobs without fanfare or fraud. But these … Continue reading »

Budget +78: Back At It

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Chances are that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body clock is still many time zones ahead of ours — in fact, it’s already the 79th day of the state budget impasse in the countries where he spent most of the past week … Continue reading »

Notebook: Budget Blues, Campaign Trash Talk

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As the week comes to a close, two of the state’s dominant political stories — the ongoing budget saga and the race for governor — both seemed to lurch into a new gear. One low, the other high. One more … Continue reading »

Budget +55: "Robbed Blind"

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You never can tell whether a ratcheting up of rhetoric in the annual budget impasse means the fight is escalating… or coming to an end. Either way, things are getting ugly… just take today’s assertion by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that … Continue reading »

Budget +54: Swaps And Swipes?

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It should be noted at the outset that when budget deals are struck, things happen fast. It can be a matter of hours or days between a handshake and a signature on an enacted spending plan. Still, we’re starting to … Continue reading »

GOP Confab: WrestleMania

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SAN DIEGO — It’s true that Republicans are giddy about their chances his year. But as the first day of California’s Grand Old Party gathering comes to a close, you can’t help but feel that this is a group of … Continue reading »