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Lite Guv Limbo & The Law

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Welcome, students, to Constitutional Law 101. Interpret the following passage from Article V of the California Constitution: “In the event the nominee is neither confirmed nor refused confirmation by both the Senate and the Assembly within 90 days of the … Continue reading »

Prop 14: Change? Yes. Dramatic? Probably Not.

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It’s still an awfully long way from the June election, where voters will be asked to revamp the system by which candidates for elected office are chosen by voters. But perhaps that’s exactly the right time for some nonpartisan analysis … Continue reading »

The Lite Guv Intrigue Continues

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The nominee getting hit from both the left and the right… the urgency, or lack thereof, in having a new #2… and the fact that someone’s actually doing the job as we speak. Yes, another intriguing week in store over … Continue reading »

Maldo Moves To Round Two

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By the time today’s confirmation hearing for Abel Maldonado began, multiple sources had already tipped us off that the GOP senator was going to clear his first hurdle towards becoming lieutenant governor. But what we didn’t know was how emotional … Continue reading »

Maldo: No On Oil Drilling Plan

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If there was any ambiguity about where California’s lieutenant governor designate stands on a current controversial oil drilling proposal, then the politician himself seems to have settled the issue — for now — by putting himself on the same side … Continue reading »

9 Stories To Watch In '10

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Rather than the standard year in review, it’s hopefully more worthwhile to make note of a few of the sagas from the world of California government and politics in 2009 that are likely to keep playing out long past the … Continue reading »

Heavy Budget Lifting & The Lite Guv

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No major news today on whether Abel Maldonado will… or won’t… be California’s next lieutenant governor. But new comments from the leader of the state Senate seem to acknowledge one part of the deliberations… or rather, six billion parts. As … Continue reading »

Soulmates Arnold & Abel, Soul Searching For Dems

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Let the political handwringing begin. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lieutenant Governor-designate Abel Maldonado made their big debut this morning at an event in Los Angeles, with the Guv calling Maldo his “soulmate,” and the GOP senator offering an almost tearful … Continue reading »

Maldo Gets The Nod. Now What?

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The guessing game is over, now that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the most unlikely of platforms — a national TV talk show — to announce a political decision that only matters here in California, his choice for lieutenant governor. And … Continue reading »

End of Days

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It was an unusual ending to a long day, the final day of the 2008-2009 fiscal year. But there was no surprise ending: the conventional wisdom won out, as the state slipped into the new budget year with no solutions … Continue reading »