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Podcast: The Big Mo

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Who’s got the momentum heading into the last few hours of the 2010 gubernatorial race? Every public poll says one thing… while a certain candidate’s team says those polls are dead wrong. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast assesses the last … Continue reading »

Field Poll: Brown Over Whitman By 10

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There’s a reason that everyone loves the famous photo of Harry Truman holding up the newspaper that mistakenly pronounced his political death: it seems to prove that ‘it ain’t over ’til it’s over.’ Perhaps Meg Whitman and her supporters won’t … Continue reading »

Jerry Pledges, Meg Explains, Arnold Loves It

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She had them, she lost them. He answered a big question weakly, but quickly jumped on the bandwagon of positivity. And the guy who seemed to be loving every minute of it: the departing incumbent. Consider that to be the … Continue reading »

"I'm Fighting for Every Vote"

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“SAN JOSE — Meg Whitman seemed to be on a mission as she moved from table to table inside Saigon Kitchen, a restaurant in the heart of this city’s Vietnamese community. “Anything else you think I should be doing?” she … Continue reading »

Campaign Check: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

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California’s economy is in the tank. 62% of those surveyed in a recent poll said they’re worried about having enough money to pay the mortgage or rent. And about two million people — or more — are out of work. … Continue reading »

Podcast: Crunch Time

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The hour is late and the nerves are frayed for those involved in this fall’s big California elections. And that’s just those of us in the press corps. In this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the race for governor … Continue reading »

Team Meg Doubles Down on Brown and Taxes

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Twelve days before election day and less than twelve hours after a statewide poll showed their candidate trailing, the campaign of Meg Whitman has launched another attack on Jerry Brown on the issue of taxes — claiming he’ll raise $1100 … Continue reading »

Jerry Opens A Lead in New Poll

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“You can sort of feel the momentum on the ground,” said a cheerful Meg Whitman to a group of women sitting outside a fast food joint in Sacramento late last week. Tonight, it appears there may indeed be momentum in … Continue reading »

Brown, Whitman Lukewarm on Reform

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California simply needs a strong leader to solve what’s ailing it; that’s the implicit message of both of the major candidates for governor. Trouble is, voters have heard the same assessment of the problems before… and yet the problems persist. … Continue reading »

Campaign Check: Debate Debunking

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The third and final debate between the two major candidates for governor offered voters a chance to compare two very different visions for California. For us, it also offered a chance to check out some of the statements offered as … Continue reading »