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Poizner & Whitman: Cut Taxes, Make Money

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If you were making a list of things that go together… peas and carrots, Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly… you’d be safe adding ‘Republicans and tax cuts’ to that list. So it’s not surprising that one of the … Continue reading »

Tax Commission Plan = $10 Billion Drop In State Revenues?

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Governor Schwarzenegger used his State of the State address last week to urge the Legislature into acting on reforming the state’s tax system, while also jabbing lawmakers that a bipartisan commission’s ideas had “disappeared” somewhere under the Capitol dome. Well, … Continue reading »

Biz Study: Big Burdens, But Unclear Assumptions

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A long awaited study of the costs to small businesses from state regulations is finally out, and on first blush seems to reinforce the argument that state lawmakers should scale back their meddling ways. But the study appears thin on … Continue reading »

The New Stimulus Watcher

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She said it with what sounded like a sigh of resignation: Laura Chick is finally getting a BlackBerry. Maybe that’s one way of explaining how much things are changing for the former Los Angeles city controller, who’s ending her first … Continue reading »

Fed Funds Flowing, Tracking Qs Remain

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The first report on federal stimulus dollars in California and around the nation is out, and poses two key questions: do local officials have the resources and training to follow all the rules, and can anyone really peg the full … Continue reading »

Stimulus Money: Watching the Watchers

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California’s portion of the federal stimulus money seems to be flowing a little faster every day. And with it comes folks watching how it will be spent. A lot of folks. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I … Continue reading »

He Asks for "Delay." She Urges "Restraint."

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The public policy battle of the week has featured a looming deadline for California gas station owners… and demands that the deadline be extended. But more interesting politically is what kind of official response would be given to one of … Continue reading »

Bonds Selling Fast. But Why?

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Some good financial news for California coming out of the office of Treasurer Bill Lockyer this morning, as more than half of the planned $4 billion in state general obligation bonds were sold before midday on the West Coast. A … Continue reading »

Unfreezing State Loans... Soon

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Affordable housing projects that could fall into foreclosure and be converted to market rate housing. Environmental restoration and preservation projects with vendors that haven’t been paid for months. School construction projects that are stopped dead in their tracks. Those are … Continue reading »