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If you're like me, there are those days you always remember in your life... days where fate kindly turned you the right way. For me the list includes February 10, 2003 -- the day I signed on as the guy in Sacramento for KQED Public Radio and The California Report.

Within weeks, I was on the hottest political story in a generation -- the recall of a sitting governor -- and by my first anniversary, I was forever hooked on public radio.

Today, after more than nine years, I'm signing off.

In April, I'll start a new endeavor but on the same California politics beat here at the state Capitol, as political editor for Sacramento's ABC-TV affiliate KXTV News10. My goal will be, as it's always been here, to help bring some clarity and context to a part of California that affects every single one of us... after all, it's our government and taxpayer dollars.

This political news blog began back on October 18, 2004 as me begging my bosses to let me experiment with online journalism. Now, almost 1700 blog posts later, it's become a staple of my political reporting career -- a place for both the small stories of the day that don't always sync with our radio mission, or the additional context that didn't quite fit into the big radio piece of the day.

In 2006, I went back to my bosses and begged to try something else new in online journalism: a weekly podcast. Those first few editions of the Friday Capital Notes Podcast were, well, a real experiment. But now, it's become one of the favorite parts of my week... and my friend and fellow political junkie Anthony York and I have been blessed by having a number of smart Capitol reporters sit in and dish on the week's events. I'm incredibly humbled by how many of you actually listen -- and have written in when we missed a week or two.

And yes, the KQED leadership team was bugged once more on Valentine's Day 2009 when I decided to take the 140 character plunge into Twitter. The irony of a public radio reporter, whose stories are lengthy analyses, becoming known for the staccato nature of tiny tweets...

Through it all, my KQED managers have been, in a word, extraordinary. And while you may not know them by name -- The California Report's senior producer (my editor) Ingrid Becker, executive producer for news and public affairs Raul Ramirez, news director Bruce Koon, and KQED Radio's general manager JoAnne Wallace -- you surely know them by the journalism they foster and encourage every day.

It's been an incredible ride here in our bureau across the street from the statehouse. From the largest budget deficits in state history to IOUs, protests, elections, reforms, and more... I've loved every single minute of it. And while I won't be a KQED journalist after today, I will still be covering California politics.

I'll also still be a loyal listener and advocate of public broadcasting and public media. I hope you will be one, too.

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About John Myers

John Myers is senior editor of KQED's new multimedia California Politics & Government Desk.  He has covered California politics for most of the past two decades -- serving previously as Sacramento bureau chief for KQED News and, most recently, as political editor for KXTV News10 (ABC) in Sacramento. He moderated the only gubernatorial debate of 2014, and was named one of the nation's top statehouse reporters by The Washington Post. Follow him on Twitter @johnmyers.
  • Tim McGowan

    I am sorry to see you leave. You are reason that I became a KQED member. I will truely miss your blog and e-mail updates. I hope that you will do well KXTV.

  • Veliquette

    Wish you the best in your new endeavor, but sorry to see you leave.
    Will someone else take over the blog and podcast?

  • DaveQus

    Where’s Sacramento?
    What did you do with Gray Davis?

  • John Myers, KQED

    My smart managers are now searching for the person who will fill this space, and I’m confident the online political news will return in the near future. I know I’ll be a follower!

  • John Myers, KQED

    Thanks, Tim. That means a lot to reporters like me. I’ll still be reporting the latest on CA politics, and I know KQED will continue what I’ve started. Thanks for your support!

  • Bruce Abbott

    Will miss you. My favorate was an all nigher on the budget. I was following on twitter, the comments were more the back story, who was talking to who. Who was hanging by whos office. Felt like i was there. The next days reports didnt capture the same vibe. Thanks you will be missed, hope you will be doing simualr things in your new job.  

  • Marty Keller

    You’ve been a great addition to our political information world; glad to see you’ll still be contributing.  Keep up the good work.

  • Geoff Snow

    Thanks for all the terrific reporting and best of luck in in your new position.

  • John Myers, KQED

    Thanks, Geoff.

  • John Myers, KQED

    Thanks, Marty…and yes, no change in my approach to political journalism.

  • John Myers, KQED

    Bruce, that was the beginning of my foray into twitter, and gave me new appreciation of its value!

    Yes, I’ll still be blogging, tweeting, and more..just at a different URL and via TV, not radio. My 3+ year twitter account is still active, just renamed @johnmyers. Hope you’ll both follow me there and keep your eyes on things here at KQED once someone new unpacks his or her bags.

  • Roman Porter

    Thanks for all of the great in-depth reporting over the years, John! You are one of a handful who truly get the nuance of campaign finance. I look forward to following you on News10.

  • Vincent Jorgensen

    Good luck John! I will miss you on KQED. Your blog has been my favorite for half-a-year now, and especially going into a major election, I’m all the more dependent on good local political coverage to stay abreast of the issues that affect me and my state.  If possible, keep us posted if you’re able to continue blogging at KXTV. This is my favorite California-politics blog, and without it, I’ll be a poorer and less informed citizen.

  • Madeline Palaszewski

    Good luck John. I’ll miss being able to listen to you on KCBX in SLO. KXTV is very lucky to have you…all the best to you and your family.

  • Gabeambriz

    I want my money back! But I’m going to keep my KPCC orange cup though.

  • Mike Carrillo

    Mr. Meyers,

    You will surely be missed!

    Where am I going to get my podcast fix?  

  • John Myers, KQED

    I’m sure there will be podcasts in the future, both for KQED and for me. Thanks for listening!

  • John Myers, KQED

    Thanks, Madeline.  Full disclosure for everyone else: Madeline and I used to work together at KSBY-TV in San Luis Obispo.  My best to all my dear friends in SLO…

  • John Myers, KQED

    Vincent, thanks so much for the kind words.  As you’ll see in the posting from KQED’s news director today, Capital Notes will be back once someone comes in to fill my oddly shaped shoes. :)

    As for me, follow me on Twitter  @johnmyers and I’ll be sure to let you know what’s next for me..

  • Bob Stern


    Those of us who hear you in LA will miss your great reporting and insight.  Keep up the good work.

    Bob Stern

  • John Myers, KQED

    Thanks, Bob.  I hope to occasionally be on The California Report as a political contributor for some interview segments.