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Sometimes, archived interviews are worth listening to again. Especially when the person's word take on a greater meaning after the passage of time and major events.

This week's Capital Notes Podcast is a dip into the not-too-distant archives for my springtime conversation with now Governor-elect Jerry Brown. The chat, one of many he had with political reporters during the week he announced he was seeking his old job, was no doubt an overview; but given that he's now just weeks away from taking office, you kind of catch some nuance to things that wasn't so clear at the time. Like the idea of taking budget issues to the people via an election, or the admission that nothing in California governance can be sacrosanct in these dire times, even the political shock felt 'round the world in 1978.

I should note that Brown and his campaign never agreed to another sit-down conversation during the general election campaign; perhaps, though, chances will arise again to draw him out on how all of this will actually work.

And yes, we'll make sure to return to the studio banter of our normal podcast routine soon.

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