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As with most editions of the Capital Notes Podcast these days, we're focused on money: the lack of money in the state budget and the vast sums being spent in the race for governor.

Capitol Weekly's Anthony York and I (via a spotty phone connection, apologetically) discuss the new budget proposal from Assembly Democrats. We also check in on this week's big filings of campaign finance information in the gubernatorial showdown -- one that's soon headed to a polling place near you.

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John Myers is Sacramento Bureau Chief for KQED Public Radio and "The California Report," heard daily on 23 public radio stations across the Golden State.
  • Andrea

    Great job going through the details of the counter proposals from the legislature. However, to dismiss, as Anthony does, the tax plans as a failure to address the fundamental problem with the state budget misses the bigger point. The state’s requirement to balance the budget forces bad economic policy onto the state at the worst possible time. Borrowing at this time to balance the budget is wise insofar as it avoids more budget cuts (or taxes, if they were even possible) which would extend this recession. The “machinations” used to make this proposal and others like it legal are the result of, not the cause or example of, California’s dysfunctional rules of governance.