Dem LaLaPalooza: Wall Street, Debates, & More

April 17, 2010 · Filed Under Elections, Political Parties and Independents · Comments Off 

LOS ANGELES -- The old joke attributed to Will Rogers about Democrats may have finally come to an end, at least in California for 2010, as everyone at this confab seems to be unified against a location 3,000 miles away.

That would be Wall Street.

"I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat," the legendary humorist is credited with saying. And the adage has stuck around all these years because there's some truth to it. Golden State Dems throw a convention every year that feels like barely controlled chaos, with general sessions full of long, rambling speeches and subgroups of party members (caucuses) in cramped hotel conference rooms debating issues that matter to them.

But nothing focuses the mind like a good target, and Dems think they have one when it comes to the center of the global economic meltdown.
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