Sedan Over Speedster, Says Guv

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File this under small but interesting stories: Governor Schwarzenegger has decided he'd rather have a sensible sedan made by a California electric car company than the same company's sexy speedster.

The story first surfaced last month on a celebrity gossip site, saying that Schwarzenegger was getting rid of his much talked about roadster made by Tesla Motors.

Tesla has long been a favorite company of the guv, a company he's said is helping lead the way in the fight against global warming. It's also a company that's planning to build the new sedans in California, thanks to some tax incentives pushed by the Schwarzenegger administration.

With all that, it was no surprise the guv would be one of the first to line up for the sleek and incredibly fast Roadster -- zero to 60 mph in four seconds. Top speed: 125 mph.

Now the governor, says spokesman Aaron McLear, has decided to go instead for Tesla's new Model S sedan (seen in this Los Angeles Times photo).

Schwarzenegger apparently fell for the car when it saw it at an auto show.

The Tesla sedan is not quite as fast as the roadster... and not as expensive. And actually, it's not quite on the market, with the company apparently still taking deposits from eager would-be owners.

McLear says he isn't sure whether the guv actually swapped a car, or just switched his preferences on a wait list. Either way, he says, Schwarzenegger remains committed to Tesla's sleek electric vehicles.

Perhaps, like many of us, the guv is choosing practicality?

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