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He Says Haircut, They Say Buzzcut

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Governor Schwarzenegger just wrapped up a campaign event outside the Capitol in support of Proposition 11, but all the questions (damn pesky reporters) were about the state’s ailing finances. The questions come on the heels of a much talked about … Continue reading »

Understanding the Goals of Redistricting

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The Hapsburg Dynasty… Michael Phelps… and California legislators? If you’re confused, then you haven’t been paying attention to Governor Schwarzenegger, the pitch man for Proposition 11 — this fall’s attempt to change the once-a-decade process of redistricting. This is Schwarzenegger’s … Continue reading »

Your Schwarzenegger Voting Guide

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Governor Schwarzenegger has finally weighed in on the 12 measures appearing on next week’s statewide balance, and what might be most interesting are the ones on which he’s decided to not take a position. The list, courtesy of his political … Continue reading »