California to O.J., Others: Pay Up

April 7, 2008 · Filed Under CA Budget · Comments Off 

With April 15 right around the corner, state tax officials have released their list of the biggest tax debts owed to the Golden State... and it's hard to miss the name of O.J. Simpson coming in at #15.

Actually, the official list from the state Franchise Tax Board lists him as "Orenthal Simpson" of Miami, Fla. The notorious celebrity owes taxes and penalties totaling $1,527,925.92.

There aren't many other instantly recognizable names on the list, though a little searching revealed that one of those fingered by FTB officials is Altovise Davis, wife of the late singer/actor Sammy Davis, Jr. She comes in at #8 on the public list, with a state tax debt of $2,708,901.75.

The list of tax debts adds up to some $123 million in money owed to state government. Granted, that's not much when compared to a current budget deficit of at least $8 billion. But tax officials say what's fair is fair, and the list is publicized in hopes of, well, embarrassing some of these folks into coming forward.

Something tells me, though, that it might be hard to embarrass O.J. at this point.

The full list is here.



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