KQED Plus: Tues 7/29 10pm-midnight (and repeats)

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(Comcast 10/710, DT54.1, 9.2, 25.2)
Frontline is adding an extra episode to their schedule at the end of July. So…

Tues 7/29 10pm and Wed 7/30 4am
Cancel Inside Nature’s Giants #106 Camel
(no new airdates planned at this time)
Tues 7/29 11pm and Wed 7/30 5am
Cancel Women, War and Peace #105 War Redefined
(will be moved to September, but no firm new date at this time)
Tues 7/29 10pm-11:30pm and Wed 7/30 4am-5:30am
Add Frontline #3215 Losing Iraq
Tues 7/29 11:30pm and Wed 7/30 5:30am
Add ImageMakers #1201 Humor Me

KQED 9: Thurs 7/24 9:30pm (and repeat)

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(Comcast 9/709, DT 9.1, 54.2, 25.2, Comcast 189, DT54.3)

Thu 7/24 9:30pm and Fri 7/25 3:30am
Cancel The Heiress and Her Chateau: Carolands of California
(one of the items offered as a Thank You gift for a contribution has sold out)
Add Happy

KQED Plus: Mons 7/14 & 7/21, Tues 7/15 & 7/22 evenings

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(Comcast 10/710, DT54.1, 9.2, 25.2)
Mondays 7/14 & 7/21 and Tuesdays 7/15 & 7/22 7pm-midnight were always in our schedule to be fundraising nights on KQED Plus. Unfortunately, that fact was missed when the July programming schedule was originally put together. The mistake was not caught until after OnQ, our member guide, went to press.

Since then, a change sheet has been sent to all the major listings services, so newspapers and signal providers should have the correct fundraising programs listed in their guides, and the correct line-ups for the four evenings are reflected in the Daily Schedules for KQED Plus on our website.

The various Monday night programs for those two weeks will simply slide down the schedule, so that the various mysteries will continue to air in order when they return Monday 7/28, with no episodes skipped.

The various Tuesday night programs can be aired in any order, so the episodes for 7pm-midnight 7/15 & 7/22 are pre-empted, and the programs in our guide for 7/29 will air as listed, with the exception of that night’s Revolutionaries episode.

Disposition of pre-empted Tuesday programs:
Tues 7/15
7pm Revolutionaries: IBM Research and Cognitive Computing
still airs on KQED Plus Wed 7/16 11pm and Thu 7/17 5am
8pm Nova: Earth from Space
no new dates at this time
10pm Nature: Fabulous Frogs
no new dates at this time
11pm Women, War & Peace: Peace Unveiled
airs on KQED Plus Tue 8/12 11pm and Wed 8/13 5am

Tues 7/22
7pm Seventh Annual California Hall of Fame Presentation
airs on KQED Plus Tue 7/29 7pm and Wed 7/30 1am
8pm Nature: Drakensberg – Barrier of Spears
no new dates at this time
9pm Secrets of the Dead: Slave Ship Mutiny
airs on KQED World Sat 7/26 2am (Comcast 190, DT9.3)
10pm Nova ScienceNOW: What Makes Us Human
no new dates at this time
11pm Women, War & Peace:The War We are Living
will be scheduled later this year, but no firm date at this time

Tues 7/29
7pm Revolutionaries: Gavin Newsom
still airs on KQED Plus Wed 7/30 11pm and Thu 7/31 5am

KQED World: Thurs 7/10 9am to possibly 3pm

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(Comcast 190, DT9.3)
The PBS World feed which we air weekdays midnight-3pm experienced a failure at their uplink source at 9am Pacific this morning. They are working to restore their feed, but have no estimate as to when this will be completed. PBS is feeding “evergreen” programming in its place, until repairs are accomplished.

KQED World switches to its own locally scheduled programming at 3pm weekdays, so mid-afternoon and evening programming will be as listed.

Differences in outside listings with KQED broadcasts

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Paid service providers such as cable or satellite companies, and other scheduling sources such as newspapers or online websites, buy their guide data from outside listing companies. KQED sends correct listings information for all of our programming streams to these outside listing companies 5-8 weeks in advance of our broadcasts. This includes info for KQED, KQED Plus, KQED Life, KQED World and KQED Kids.

Unfortunately, the listings companies are not always up-to-date with the data that comes from local independent stations (PBS or otherwise) which set their own local schedules, rather than follow a single national schedule that can be used for the whole country, as most national networks and channels do. Or the paid service providers might not have run updates they receive from the listings services. So occasionally some onscreen guides, newspapers, etc., have listings for 1 or more KQED channels that do not accurately reflect our schedules.

KQED’s own website will always have the most accurate information. The same database that runs our Master Control area also populates our website. This change page will report the changes that have been made since OnQ, our supporting members’ program guide, went to the printer, and since our schedule data was sent to the outside listings companies. The only differences will be those rare technical problems, as described in the “unannounced changes” posting below.

By Request: Best of Pledge

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As programs are selected for our fundraising time, the daily schedules for all channels will be updated. Please visit the Daily Schedules for those days to see the latest line-ups – use the calendar on the right to select individual days.

KQED 9/KQED Plus unannounced program changes

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Once in awhile, there will be last-minute program changes which will not be noted on this page. Occasionally, there are incidents when our automation equipment simply refuses to play a program. The show is queued up ready to go, but when the start time hits, it simply refuses to play. So the engineers quickly find a similar program already in the memory bank to air as a substitute, and there’s no chance to post anything about the change on this page.

If you don’t see any notes here regarding the program you’re interested in, please feel free to email tv@kqed.org when you notice one of these unannounced changes, and we will check with the programming folks to find out if the program will be rescheduled relatively quickly, or simply allowed to come back up in its next normal rotation spot.



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