loss of KQED 88.5 on channel 960 for some Comcast/Xfinity customers

February 13, 2017 · Filed Under KQED Public Radio Sacramento, Radio · Comments Off on loss of KQED 88.5 on channel 960 for some Comcast/Xfinity customers 

We are aware that some Comcast/Xfinity customers have lost access to local radio stations in the upper 900 channels, particularly KQED 88.5 Public Radio on channel 960. Comcast has begun another system-wide upgrade of their equipment.

It is our understanding that late last year some Xfinity customers received notices along with their bills that, in order to maintain some of their services, such as On Demand and/or the local radio stations, they would need to upgrade their settop boxes.

You will need to contact their customer service staff in order to discuss acquiring a newer box.

Comcast channel moves, Monterey/Salinas & Sacramento/Fairfield

August 26, 2015 · Filed Under KQED · Comment 

As of Tuesday 8/25, Comcast/Xfinity has moved four of KQED’s channels to new numbers in two of its service areas. The new info is:

371 – KQED World
372 – KQED Kids
373 – KQED Life
374 – KQED V-Me

Sacramento, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Travis AFB and Vacaville:
390 – KQED World
391 – KQED Kids
392 – KQED Life
393 – KQED V-Me

Most of the Bay Area remains:
189 – KQED Life
190 – KQED World
191 – KQED V-Me
192 – KQED Kids

3 channels currently dark via Comcast/Xfinity

February 17, 2015 · Filed Under KQED Plus · Comment 

We are aware that Comcast/Xfinity is currently not transmitting KQED Plus on channel 10, KQED V-Me on channel 191, or KQED Kids on channel 192. Comcast is also aware of the issue, and working on fixing it. Thank you for your patience.



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