Thurs 10/18 – KQET DT25.2 & 25.3 missing

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We are aware that Over the Air viewers of KQET DT25 are currently receiving KQET 25.1, but 25.2 and 25.3 have gone missing. Engineers are looking into the issue, and we appreciate your patience while we work on the resolution.

KQET-25 early Tues 10/16: planned overnight outage

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(DT25.1, 25.2, 25.3)
All stations operating from the transmitter on Fremont Peak (northeast of Monterey), including KQET-DT25, will need to shut down for a period of time in the overnight hours late Mon/early Tues 10/16 to allow the crew to safely do needed maintenance work. The shutdown will start apx 12:30am, and should be finished by 6am Tues morning.

This will affect Over the Air viewers of DT25, and any paid service provider who uses that signal as their source. Tuners should automatically restore the signals once stations power back up, but some viewers may need to do a rescan.

Mon 9/24: KQET DT25 transmitter repaired

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(DT25.1, 25.2, & 25.3)
Our KQET DT25 transmitter on Fremont Peak is repaired, and back to operating at full power.

Thu 9/20: KQET DT25 transmitter at low power for several days

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(DT25.1, 25.2, & 25.3)
We have had a failure in a major piece of equipment at the transmitter for KQET DT25 on Fremont Peak, servicing the Monterey/Santa Cruz/Salinas areas. The result is it can only operate at 20% power, a situation which will last for several days. A technician from the manufacturer is flying out with new equipment to facilitate repairs, but at this time we don’t have an estimate as to when we’ll be back at full power.

This is likely to affect many Over the Air viewers, and any cable/satellite company which pulls its signal from that tower. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to learn more by Monday or Tuesday of next week, and as we do, this page will be updated.

Thu 9/20 & Fri 9/21: KQET DT25 possible OTA interruptions

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(DT25.1, 25.2, & 25.3)
Maintenance work is being done during the day on the transmission tower on Fremont Peak. All stations on the tower, including KQET DT25, will need to reduce power at different parts of the day as the crew climbs near their particular transmission antennas. This may cause some Over the Air viewers to temporarily lose our signal. Most tuners should then automatically re-acquire any lost signal when it returns to full strength. However, if you still have no signal after sunset, you may need to do a rescan.

early Tues 9/18: KQED Plus & KQET overnight OTA outages

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(DT54.1 thru DT54.5, & DT25.1 thru DT25.3)
There will be overnight maintenance affecting both the KQEH and KQET transmitters. Work will start late Mon/early Tues at apx midnight, and may last as late as 6am. There will be periodic outages of both Over The Air (OTA) signals from both sites during this time.

Mon 9/17: KQET DT25 Over the Air signal offline

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UPDATE: equipment replaced and signal restored apx 1:30pm. However, there will still be the overnight maintenance on this transmitter, as posted in the note above.

(DT25.1, DT25.2, DT25.3)
The KQET transmitter needed to be turned off at apx 11am this morning to allow for replacement of a faulty piece of equipment. Time needed for repairs not known at this time.

Wed & Thu, Sep 12-13: Reception issues related to antenna maintenance work

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All of our television stations are operating on auxilliary power due to maintenance work being done on our antenna. Normal operation should be restored by 4pm on Thu, Sep 13.

Thurs 8/02: KQEH & KQET audio issue resolved

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Our engineers were able to resolve the Over the Air audio problem for our KQEH transmitter (DT54s) around 3:30pm this afternoon, and for our KQET transmitter (DT25s) by 3:45pm. Most receivers/converter boxes should automatically restore the audio, since they never lost our actual signal.

However, if anyone is still experiencing a lack of audio Over the Air, doing a rescan should solve the problem.

Thurs 8/02: audio issue for OTA 54s & 25s

August 2, 2012 · Filed Under KQED Plus, KQET · Comment 

We are aware that Over the Air (OTA) viewers are receiving video but no audio from our KQEH transmitter (DT54.1 through DT54.5) and from our KQET transmitter (DT25.1 through DT25.3). Engineers are working on the problem, but a repair time is not yet known.

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