Planned outages: KQET (DT25) 4/10, KQED Plus (DT54) 4/12

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We will be shutting down the KQET (DT25) transmitter on Fremont Peak on Tuesday, April 10th, from about 11am to 11:30am, for planned maintenance work.

We will also be doing maintenance for KQED Plus (KQEH DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak) on Thursday, April 12th, also around 11am to 11:30am.

Comcast Cable customers will not be affected by these outages. Most Over the Air (OTA) TV tuners will restore the signals automatically at the end of an outage this short, but a few OTA viewers may need to manually re-add the channel.

KQED Plus (DT54s) short interruptions Wed 4/11

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PG&E is planning an all-day outage on Monument Peak Wedneday 4/11 from apx 7:30am to apx 5pm. Over the Air (OTA) transmission from our DT54 transmitter should experience very short interruptions for only a couple minutes each as we switch to the back-up generator in the morning, and back to the main power when PG&E concludes their work. Most OTA receivers should automatically restore the signals after outages of such short duration.

KQED Life, starting Thurs 03/29

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(Comcast 189, DT54.3)
Due to a technical malfunction March 25-26, the computer which archives our copies of television programs started deleting program files, resulting in a loss of thousands of episodes. Since it began with shows in position #1 and worked forward, it means the loss is primarily of older programs and series, which generally air on KQED Life. Since these are older shows, most are not currently being fed out to stations, so it will take awhile for us to rebuild the inventory.

This means a significant change to the “non-prime” KQED Life schedule for the next 4-5 weeks at least, starting Thursday 3/29. From 6am to 7pm, plus midnight-1am, KQED Life will be a “mirror” of KQED TV9. Since 7pm-midnight is generally filled with newer programs, KQED Life will be able to maintain its own schedule for those 5 hours, plus maintain their early morning repeats the next morning 1am-6am.

We currently do not know how long the program recovery process will take, so will be working with this revised schedule at least through April. We are leaving the currently posted May 2012 schedule on the website for now, in hopes that we’ll be back to normal by then. Please keep an eye on this page for further updates.

Wed 1/11: DT54 power levels update

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Our DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak has been alternating between regular and auxillary antenna service (and thus lower power at times) since last Friday as another station on the tower works on their antenna, and as PG&E replaces damaged power lines leading up to the transmitter.

The hope is that both tasks will be completed by their respective companies by later this evening, and tranmission on DT54 will be back to normal operations by Thursday morning at the latest, perhaps even by some point Wednesday night.

Mon 1/09 4:45pm: KQED Plus DT54 transmitter off-air

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5:25pm Update: Luckily, an engineer from another company was already on the mountain, and able to reboot us earlier than expected. DT54 is back on the air.

Our DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak is currently off-air, affecting Over the Air viewers, and some cable and satellite customers. Our engineer is on his way to reboot the transmitter, but as it is a long drive, this outage will last at least into the early evening. However, we expect the outage to be short enough that most tuners will re-acquire the signal automatically once it’s restored.

Planned outages, DT25 (12/30) & DT54 (1/05)

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Update Thurs 1/05: work on KQED Plus’ DT54 transmitter is complete, and signal has been restored.

Update Fri 12/30: work on KQET’s DT25 transmitter is complete, and signal has been restored.

Scheduled maintenance will take place on our DT25 transmitter on Fremont Peak Friday 12/30. The transmitter will be turned off sometime between 10am and 11am, and likely be down 30-40 minutes.

The same maintenance will take place on our DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak Thursday 1/05, with the transmitter being turned off sometime between 1pm and 2pm.

The expected duration is short enough that most Over The Air receivers will automatically restore the signal once it returns, but in a few cases viewers may need to manually re-add the channel, or do a rescan. Comcast Cable subscribers will not be affected by either outage. Other paid service providers will restore their signals when the transmitter is turned back on.

This post will be updated each day once the signal returns.

Wed 12/07: KQED Plus Over the Air transmitter down 8p-midnight

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Due to equipment failure at our Monument Peak transmitter for KQED Plus, the KQED Plus Over the Air signal was offline for Wednesday night. Programming originally scheduled to air 8p-midnight Wednesday night can be recorded during the overnight repeat time of 2am-6am. Cable viewers were not affected by this outage.

2 of the 3 missed programs also have future airdates:
Ageless Skin can be seen again on KQED Plus Sat 12/10 10:30am, Thurs 12/15 10:30pm, and Fri 12/16 4:30am
ImageMakers 805 My Precious Daughter can be seen again next month on KQED TV9, Sat 1/07/2012 7:30pm and Sun 1/08/2012 1:30am

Wed 11/09 11am: National EAS test

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KQED Television and KQED Radio will be participating in the nationwide EAS test at 11am, which will last between 30 and 60 seconds. Normal programming will resume immediately after the test.

late Thu 10/27-early Fri 10/28: KQED OTA off-air late night

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(DT9.1, DT9.2, DT9.3, and KQED TV9 via some paid signal providers)
Sutro Tower will be performing software upgrades and maintenance late night Thurs 10/27/early morning 10/28. At some point between 12:30am and 2am early 10/28, KQED’s Over The Air (OTA) signal will need to be turned off, hopefully for no more than 30 minutes. OTA viewers, and any paid signal provider using our OTA signal will be affected. However, the duration of this outage is short enough that most tuners should have no problem restoring our signal once it is back on.
Comcast viewers, and viewers of our DT54s and DT25s, will not be affected by this event.

10/12: video stream issue for DT54.2 resolved

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The video stream problem on DT54.2 was resolved around 3:45pm this afternoon.

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