Occasional sound issues, Comcast Cable, Black remote control

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Originally posted 6/19/2013:

Some Comcast Basic Cable customers around the Bay Area have reported audio issues with KQED and KQED Plus, on channels 9 and 10. The problem is not related to KQED’s transmission but may be caused by the language setting on your Comcast remote control.

If your Comcast remote control is black, please check for a button labeled “Language” or “Lang” on your remote control. Instead of this button, your remote control may have a small white button near the bottom (possibly not labeled), between the “Volume” button on the lower left and the “Channel” button on the lower right. Press the “Language”, “Lang” or white button to determine if your language preference may have been reset to French or Spanish. If it has, press the button repeatedly until it is set back to English. This should restore your audio.

If the problem persists, or if your remote does not have either version of the button described above (ie., the Comcast silver remotes do not have this button), please contact Comcast for assistance with checking your language settings and/or turning off the SAP channel on your TV set.

Fri 12/20 1am – 5am: Planned Two-Minute Outage for KQED Television Channels

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Comcast will be doing work on Friday morning 12/20/13 (1:00AM-5:00AM) that will affect some local broadcasters. KQED channels will go off for approximately two minutes at some point during this window.

Occasional Sound Issues, Comcast, Santa Cruz area

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UPDATE: We understand that Comcast was able to resolve this issue as of late afternoon Wednesday 7/31, and that most of our Santa Cruz viewers now have sound back on BBC World News America, and other British programs. If you still do not have sound on BBC World News America, you’ll still need to call Comcast to have them walk you through fixing the settings in the set top box, returning the Language Preference to English, and the Audio Preference to Stereo.

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(original post)
We are aware that many Comcast Basic Cable subscribers in the Santa Cruz area have developed a problem with sound missing from some programs, the easiest one to check being the weekday afternoon broadcasts of BBC World News America on KQED 9 at 2:30pm and 4pm.

If your Comcast remote is black, please read the next post down, and you may be able to resolve the issue yourself. However, all of the subscribers we’ve spoken with so far have a Silver Comcast remote, and the problem can only be fixed by calling Comcast, and having them walk you through the correct procedure.

When you call the 800# on your bill, use the option for “Technical Troubles.” When you get to a live person, insist on speaking to a technical supervisor. Once you’re talking to a supervisor, let them know that you have an audio problem resulting from the work Comcast did on its MUX lines in the Santa Cruz area on Thursday 7/25. The problem is that, as a result of their remapping of the audio feed channels, the S.A.P. channel within your TV set has been activated, and you need their assistance turning that feature back off.

At this point, they should start instructing you on how to access various menues to correct the settings within their box. The most likely problem is that their work reset your language preference to either French or Spanish, and it needs to be returned to English. If not that, then in the regular audio menu, the work changed your settings to SAP, and it needs to be returned to Stereo.

Mon 4/22: KQEH OTA signal back on air

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(DT54.1 through DT54.5)
The Over the Air (OTA) signal from our KQEH transmitter on Monument Peak was restored at apx 6:35pm this evening. Most tuners should automatically find the signal, however some OTA viewers may need to do a rescan to restore reception.

Mon 4/22: KQEH OTA planned overnight outage extended

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Unexpected technical problems have been discovered at the KQEH transmitter site during planned maintenance overnight.  KQED crews have identified the problem and are working to correct it as soon as possible.

Please check back to this blog for status updates.

Service to Comcast and other providers are uninterrupted.

early Mon 4/22 midnight-6am: KQEH OTA planned overnight outage

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(DT54.1 through DT54.5)
Early in the morning of April 22nd starting at 12 midnight KQEH will need to shut down for electrical maintenance and transmitter work. The Over the Air (OTA) signal should be back before 6am.

Comcast Cable customers, and customers of other paid providers using fiber feed out of our San Francisco Master Control area should not be affected by this work.

Most receivers should automatically recover the OTA signal when it is restored early Monday morning. However a few viewers may need to do a rescan in order to restore the signal.

Tues 4/09 5:20am-8:20am – KQEH (DT54s) off air

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Our DT54.1-5 Over The Air (OTA) transmissions from our tower on Monument Peak were interrupted for 3 hours this morning, from 5:20am to 8:20am. Service Providers using the DT54.1 signal for KQED Plus restored their carriage of the channel as soon as the signal returned.

Most tuners in digital TVs and/or converter boxes will automatically recover from an outage of that short a duration. However, a few OTA viewers may need to do a rescan in order to restore the DT54 signal.

KQEH Down for Maintenance Thu, 3/14 11-11:30am

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KQEH on Monument Peak will be shut down for maintenance Thursday, March 14, from approximately 11am until 11:30am.

Mon 3/04: planned maintenance, Monument Peak Transmitter

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Another TV station that shares the Monument Peak transmitter with KQEH (DT54.1 thru DT54.5) needs to perform maintenance on their equipment Monday, meaning that we will need to switch antennas and/or lower power for our OTA signal at various points, for the safety of the crew. Work is likely to begin around 11:30am, and should end by 5:30pm.

Most equipment should handle these changes without problem, but there is the possibility that a few (older) receivers may get confused. Should that happen, try manually deleting then re-acquiring the signal for DT54, or do a rescan to acquire a new lock on the signal after sunset, when everything should be back to normal.

KQED Life & KQED World, Sat 2/23

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Update: this problem was resolved late on the evening of Sat 2/23/13.
We are aware of the technical problems currently affecting KQED World and KQED Life both Over the Air (DT9.3 & DT54.3) and via Comcast Cable (channels 189 & 190). Engineers are working on the problem, but unfortunately we do not expect to be able to resolve it quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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