KQED 88.3 FM Santa Rosa site lost in fire

February 7, 2018 · Filed Under KQED Public Radio Sacramento · Comments Off on KQED 88.3 FM Santa Rosa site lost in fire 

UPDATE 2/7/2018: Yesterday our engineers were able to work with the Internet service provider to improve the audio link to our temporary site. This should reduce the drop-outs and some interference. The repairs to the tower will still take some months to complete, but as soon as we can, we will return to the tower location.  If something doesn’t sound right we would like to hear from you: kqed.org/about/contact

UPDATE 11/01/2017: Our KQED Engineers are working diligently to restore the coverage of our Santa Rosa area translator. Since the translator site was destroyed by the Tubbs fire, it has been necessary to make it work from a new location. The new location has several technical challenges that will take time to fully overcome. Please bear with us while we work to bring back the best signal we can. We will need to occasionally turn the signal off while we make adjustments. We will keep the “Off” times as short as possible.

As soon as we can, we will return to the old location. But the restoration of power and the placement of utility buildings for our equipment may take some time.



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