2/22/17: Fremont Peak tower transmissions, including KQET DT25

February 22, 2017 · Posted By Chris Hicks · Filed Under KQET, TV 

(DT25.1 through 25.3)

Recent storms have taken out dozens of trees on Fremont Peak, which in turn have taken down power lines leading to the transmission tower located on the peak. It has been running on generators for several days, and regular trips are scheduled to re-fuel those generators with gas.

However, the truck has been blocked on at least two occasions already by more trees falling across the road, resulting in at least one interruption in Over the Air service when the generators ran out of gas before the road could be cleared. Occasional interruptions for stations transmitting from there, including KQET DT25, may continue to occur if more tree falls interfere with gas delivery.


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