Wed 11/30: planned momentary outages of DT54 over the air signal

November 29, 2016 · Posted By Red Dana · Filed Under KQED Plus 

(this is a continuation of the work originally announced for 11/28, which was not completed on Tuesday.)

At some point during the morning of Wednesday Nov. 30th, the KQEH transmitter will switch from its main antenna to the auxillary one, to allow for the safety of workers doing maintenance for another TV station on the tower. When work is completed, we will switch back to the main antenna.

These two switches will cause momentary outages for Over the Air viewers of Channel 54.1 through 54.5, and for viewers of any services using the DT54 signals as their source. Because of the short duration, most TVs will automatically restore the signal once the switches take place.

Xfinity/Comcast viewers and viewers of the DT9 and DT25 signals will not be affected by this work.


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