Thurs 3/05, DT54-1 thru DT54-5: 2 planned, extremely brief Over the Air outages

March 3, 2015 · Posted By Chris Hicks · Filed Under KQED Plus 

(DT54.1 through DT54.5)

Our Over the Air signals from our KQEH transmitter on Monument Peak (the DT54s) will need to be switched from our Main antenna to our Auxillary antenna while climbers inspect the tower for possible maintenance needs. Once the inspection is done, we will switch back. The two switches will account for two extremely brief outages of just a few seconds, so most receivers should handle recovering the signals each time with no problems.

Exact times for the switches are unknown, but the work should be completed by mid- to late-afternoon, if not sooner. This work will not affect Comcast Cable customers, or the OTA signals for KQED Plus on DT9.2 or DT25.2


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