KQED all channels, planned overnight maintenance: early Fri 12/19 midnight-6am

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(this includes all DT9, DT54 and DT25 channels, along with all paid services)

We will be doing upgrade and maintenance work in our Master Control area during the overnight hours of late Thurs/early Fri 12/19. Work will begin shortly after midnight early Friday, which may last until 6am, though we hope to finish earlier.

This will result in all of our TV channels being off the air via all delivery methods. If you get your signal from a paid provider (cable, satellite, etc.) they will restore your signal once we’re back on the air. Many Over The Air (OTA) receivers will also re-acquire the signal on their own once the signals return, but some OTA viewers may need to do a rescan in order to reestablish a link.

KQED Plus OTA – Optimistically planned maintenance: Fri 12/05 mid-morning

December 4, 2014 · Filed Under KQED Plus · Comment 

(DT54.1 thru 54.5)

Assuming that the weather and road conditions permit, we plan to do a bit of maintenance on our KQEH transmitter the morning of Friday 12/05… hopefully 10am-11am-ish, but could be a bit later.

Most of the work should not affect the outgoing signal, but there will need to be a cable swap at some point which will take the signal down for only a few minutes.

Most receivers will recover from such a short outage with no problem, and will re-acquire the signal as soon as it returns. A few Over The Air viewers may need to do a rescan.



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