early Tues 9/18: KQED Plus & KQET overnight OTA outages

September 17, 2012 · Filed Under KQED Plus, KQET · Comment 

(DT54.1 thru DT54.5, & DT25.1 thru DT25.3)
There will be overnight maintenance affecting both the KQEH and KQET transmitters. Work will start late Mon/early Tues at apx midnight, and may last as late as 6am. There will be periodic outages of both Over The Air (OTA) signals from both sites during this time.

Mon 9/17: KQET DT25 Over the Air signal offline

September 17, 2012 · Filed Under KQET · Comment 

UPDATE: equipment replaced and signal restored apx 1:30pm. However, there will still be the overnight maintenance on this transmitter, as posted in the note above.

(DT25.1, DT25.2, DT25.3)
The KQET transmitter needed to be turned off at apx 11am this morning to allow for replacement of a faulty piece of equipment. Time needed for repairs not known at this time.



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