early Thurs 8/30: short outage on Comcast in overnight hours

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Comcast will be doing some work on their Bay Area system in the overnight hours, early Thursday 8/30. All channels on the San Francisco Comcast Lineup will be affected by this work at some point. Each channel will be off for no more than 5-10 minutes during the 1am-5am maintenance window.

Tues 8/28: KQED DT9 Outage

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(DT9.1, 9.2, 9.3)
UPDATE: KQED’s OTA (Over the Air) signal was restored apx 2:10pm.

KQED’s Over the Air broadcast signal from Sutro Tower is currently down, as of apx 1:45pm. Engineers are investigating the problem, but do not yet have an estimate re: time for repairs. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Cable and Satellite feeds are not affected by this outage.

Mon 8/20: Sutro Tower outage for DT9s and others

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UPDATE apx 4pm: And… we’re back up again!

UPDATE 3:40pm: Due to a Sutro Tower issue, our Over The Air signal is down again, affecting OTA broadcast of all three DT9s. Other Sutro stations are also affected.

ORIGINAL POST: KQED’s Over the Air signals for DT9.1, DT9.2 and DT9.3 were affected by a brief outage at Sutro Tower, which also affected other Sutro stations as well. The outage lasted apx 3:20pm-3:35pm, when OTA broadcasting was restored.

Thurs 8/02: KQEH & KQET audio issue resolved

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Our engineers were able to resolve the Over the Air audio problem for our KQEH transmitter (DT54s) around 3:30pm this afternoon, and for our KQET transmitter (DT25s) by 3:45pm. Most receivers/converter boxes should automatically restore the audio, since they never lost our actual signal.

However, if anyone is still experiencing a lack of audio Over the Air, doing a rescan should solve the problem.

Thurs 8/02: audio issue for OTA 54s & 25s

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We are aware that Over the Air (OTA) viewers are receiving video but no audio from our KQEH transmitter (DT54.1 through DT54.5) and from our KQET transmitter (DT25.1 through DT25.3). Engineers are working on the problem, but a repair time is not yet known.



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