Planned short outages: KQED 9s, Wed 6/06 am & Fri 6/08 pm

June 5, 2012 · Posted By Chris Hicks · Filed Under KQED 

(DT9.1, DT9.2, DT9.3, possibly Comcast 9 & 709)
Wednesday morning PG&E will begin what is projected to be 3 days of work replacing nearly 70-year-old equipment in the Sutro Tower area. This will require KQED and several other stations transmitting from there to switch off their primary electrical source to a generator for the duration of the work.

The schedule is a bit fluid, but assuming all goes well, the outages will be of short duration. We anticpate two outages on Wednesday morning, apx 2 minutes around 8am, and apx 5 minutes around 10:30am, as the work begins. We also anticipate two outages on Friday evening, apx 2 minutes around 7pm, and apx 5 minutes around 9:30pm, as we switch back to electrical power on PG&E’s new equipment.

These outages will definitely affect Over the Air viewers, but most receivers handle outages of this short a duration with no problem, and should re-acquire our signal each time it returns. However, a few viewers may need to manually add channels back, or if several “go missing”, to do a rescan. This work might affect Comcast Cable viewers as well, in which case Comcast will restore signals as soon as they return.


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